How to Add Sleeves to the Sun Kissed Tee

How to Add Sleeves to the Sun Kissed Tee

Can you tell I love the Sun Kissed Tee?!! It really is a versatile pattern in my wardrobe of handmade garments! I love how quick and easy it is to cut and sew! Today I’m going to show you how to add “sleeves” onto the Sun Kissed Tee. You’ll notice that I have “sleeves” in quotations. That’s because a dolman style shirt does not have proper sleeves; the “sleeves” are just extensions of the bodice of the shirt.

Hacking Sleeves

For this hack, I am using the long “sleeves” from the Portland Cocoon Cardigan (another quick sew, I might add!). You could also use the long “sleeves” from the Sequoia Pullover. I am not skilled enough to just create a sleeve pattern piece. Any time that I mash/hack patterns, it always involves two patterns!

Gather Supplies

In addition to the Sun Kissed Tee pattern, you will also need the “Sleeve” pattern piece from either the Portland Cocoon Cardigan or the Sequoia Pullover. Also, you will need to grab some tracing/freezer paper and a pencil.

Making the Pattern Pieces

Begin by tracing the sleeve pattern piece onto the tracing/freezer paper. You may be altering the shape of the pattern piece, so tracing is recommended. The goal is for the edge of the Sun Kissed Tee short “sleeve” to be the same width as the new long “sleeve” edge.

You can see in my photo that they match up (wellllllll, close enough!!). Depending on which pattern you borrowed the long sleeve from, you may have to trim down the long sleeve traced pattern piece to fit the edge of the Sun Kissed Tee. Don’t forget to add a seam allowance along the edge that will attach to the Sun Kissed Tee. I added 1/2″.

Cutting the Pieces

Begin by cutting the Sun Kissed Tee pieces the same as you normally would. Then cut 2 of your new “long sleeve” pieces ON THE FOLD. I also make the sewing of the Sun Kissed Tee faster by making a neckband instead of the neck binding included with the pattern. You can view this tutorial on sewing neck bands.

Sewing Time!

Begin by following the pattern instructions on sewing the shoulder seams together. After that, lay the front and back pieces out flat and RIGHT SIDE UP.

Take one of your long sleeve pieces and lay it on top of the short sleeve edge, aligning the raw edges and sew. Do the same to the other sleeve.

After attaching the “long sleeve” to the top, it will look like this. Continue by following the pattern instructions for sewing the side seams and hemming.

This hack will work if you’re making a long sleeved Sun Kissed Tee or if you create another hack and make the Sun Kissed Tee into a Dress! You can see how I made it into a dress using this tutorial in which I sewed a nightgown by using the Sun Kissed Tee!

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