7 Tips for Using Drape Tape

  1. If at all possible, do not use a drapery panel with bulk at the top. Many ready to hang panels have tabs, a double layered rod pocket or other various methods to hang your drapes built into them. In order for your drape tape to lay flat and hold the shape you’d like, it is best to get rid of all the bulk before you start. Cut off the top bulk and fold it down, or you could even flip the panel upside down if the bottom of your panel has less going on. Get creative and get a clean slate to start with! You may consider this when purchasing your drapes and buy longer panels than you need for the space. If you are sewing your drapes from scratch this will be a non issue.
  1. Measure 5 times and cut once! I normally subscribe to measuring twice, cutting once, but with drapes the stakes feel higher and there are so many factors involved I like to really measure it out- on paper and in person. Measure the curtain rod and placement of the hooks and rings before you begin. Be sure to account for any overlap between the drapes in the center, and account for any drape you wish to wrap around the side of the curtain rod, depending on your rod style. Wrapping all the way around the rod will prevent light from coming into the room. I found “curtain pleat hooks” on Amazon and I like to physically put my drape tape into the hooks and space it out visually before I sew the drape tape to my fabric.
  1. Consider the pleat style you are trying to achieve to determine how long your drape tape and fabric panel should be. This example here is: Insert, skip one, insert, skip two. Looking at the image may help explain this better. You could skip 2, 3, etc, using various pleat patterns to achieve different styles. Do a test early on to determine the look you are going for as that will help you know how much fabric or how many panels to buy.If you buy panels, chances are they won’t line up perfectly and you may have to cut some out to make it fit properly.
  1. Before you begin your project, clear out a large empty space on the floor to work. You will need the space to lay your panels flat and pin accurately. 
  1. Be sure you sew the drape tape onto the panel with the opening side facing down, so you can insert the hooks appropriately. Nothing would be worse than sewing the long strips of drape tape on all sides and realizing it’s upside down and having to unpick it!!
  1. Use a strong needle, and sew your tape an equal distance from the edge of your material. This will help the drapes hang evenly and is important in achieving a clean, final look.
  2. Get a friend (or even child!) to help you hang it once your hooks are in place. The hooks tend to slip out until they are secured in the curtain ring, so having an extra set of hands hold up the end of the tape will save you the hassle of fixing fallen out hooks!

Good luck to you with your curtain endeavors!

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