How To Make a Flannel Valentine Heating Pad

This hot pad/cold pack is such a fun, quick sew that makes a great Valentine gift for friends and family. It is fabric filled with rice that can either be heated in the microwave to use as a hot pack, or stored in the freezer to be an ice pack. It’s a great thing to have around for kids and adults alike. This is a fast sew for an experienced adult or a great beginner project to give kids some confidence at the machine.

I always love giving something for Valentine’s day that is from the heart, and this project is the epitome of that! This is a great project to use fabric you already have on hand or use up scraps from another project. You can use cotton, but I prefer flannel for the soft feel you’d want when using a hot pad or ice pack! It doesn’t have to be a valentine print to make a cute valentine, but using a themed fabric does add to the feel of the gift! Here’s what you’ll need and how to make one:

You will need: Scissors, fabric scraps or remnant, coordinating thread, hand needle and rice.

1. Cut out your material. Cut your fabric a bit bigger than you want your final product to account for seam allowance. I cut a symmetrical heart out of paper first to make a pattern for myself.

2. Sew around your shape, leaving an opening large enough to funnel rice in. I shortened  my stitch length to 2, so it is nice and tight to hold rice inside. When sewing a heart shape, I left my opening in a straight side seam. Make an extra effort for the top curves of your heart to be nice and rounded, this will affect the look of your final product!

3. Now, carefully clip the point of the heart and clip your curves, being careful not to cut into your seam!
4. Flip your heart right side out and funnel rice in to fill it up.  You can add a scent like lavender or mint to your rice using essential oils if you like!

5. Lastly, hand stitch your opening closed. Leave your knot on the inside so it isn’t visible. I did an invisible stitch, just joining the fabric together with a hidden seam. You are done!

I tried a variety of ways to package this Valentine gift, and settled on the classic cellophane bag with ribbon! I made a tag with a Valentine message and directions for use, which I included inside the bag. You can download the pdf to print below! Have fun sewing up this useful and thoughtful Valentine gift!

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  1. Love the idea of using flannel and lavender buds, think drawer sachet. I would add a separate cover of flannel and inner heart being muslin, so there is the possibility of washing the outer cover. I wouldn’t want to remake or toss the project if stained.

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