How to Sew a Twist Headband

Hello Sewers! This is Heather from the PAB team. Today we have an easy twist headband tutorial for you! This is my first tutorial I’ve written out, so hopefully it’s easy to follow 😉

These headbands are great scrap busters! I like to use stiffer knits with good recovery (bullet, interlock, thicker cotton/lycra). For this tutorial I used the last scrap of some Birch organic cotton I had.

Measure your child’s (or your!) head exactly where you want the headband to sit. Take that measurement -2 inches for your length. Width can be anywhere from 5-8 inches, depending on the size of the head. Eloise likes her headbands chunky, so I cut hers 5.5 inches wide (we will fold it in half!) Be sure the length is going with the stretch of the fabric.

Fold in half, right sides together (RST), and stitch up the long edge. I used my serger, but a stretch stitch on a regular sewing machine would work great!

Turn your tube right side out and center that seam in the middle.

Fold your tube in half, so your seam is now running up the left side. Make sure the seam is now on the outside, not the inside, or it will show on the finished headband!

Bring your two raw ends together and slide them inside each other, like you were shuffling cards. It should look like a forward and a backward “c” nestled inside each other.

Sew across that raw edge. To finish off my serger tails I like to thread them through a darning needle and weave them back through the stitches.

Now just open up the headband and tuck that seam you just made in the back so everything opens up! (I had some thread get caught and had to re-sew the final seam on mine, I ended up losing about an inch, so this one is a little snug on Eloise, but hopefully you get the idea!)

And there you have it! Scrap buster, outfit matcher, present creator, this is great for so many things! Happy Sewing 🙂

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  1. Awesome! Came together in less than half an hour, super easy to follow, scraps got busted, and it fits and looks perfect first time! Yay! I’ll be making tons of these now! Thank you!!!

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