DIY Pattern Weights: #1 Fabric Covered Pattern Weights

Hello! It’s Stephanie from Stephie B’s Designs here again today with another fun, creative, and super easy tutorial – DIY Pattern Weights.

I’ve shared several sewing how-tos over the past few months (such as How to Stabilize and Gather with Clear Elastic and How to Topstitch an Elastic Waistband) so today I wanted to change it up a bit and do a fun little project… how to make fabric covered pattern weights.

I feel like there are two camps in the sewing community, those that use pins to hold down their pattern pieces while cutting out fabric, and those that have sworn pins off completely, especially when sewing with knits. I tended to pin a lot to ensure perfect edges that followed precisely along the pattern pieces – but have recently learned that pattern weights can work just as effectively pins and you really only need a few fabric weights in key spots along the pattern in order to keep it in place. Such a great lesson to learn.

So lets gets started!

DIY Pattern Weights Materials Needed

Are you ready for th extensive list?!

  • Washers. I used 1 1/2″ x 3/8″ – I wouldn’t go any smaller than that size.
  • Ribbon, about 36″ long. I had some thin ribbon in my drawer that had been waiting their whole lives for this one project.
  • Hot Glue Gun.

That’s it!

DIY Pattern Weights Instructions

DIY Pattern Weights Step 1. Decide how many washers you’d like to use for each weight. I chose to use two so that I could make a total of five weights with the washers I had on hand.

Side note… please forgive my staying at home, mom of three young kids, haven’t had a manicure in months, I live in the desert, hands. Ok. We can continue. 🙂

DIY Pattern Weights Step 2. Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of one of the washers, then place the end of your ribbon over it to secure in place.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 3. Place the bottom of the second washer against the bottom of the first, sandwiching the ribbon between the two.

If you opted to use more than two weights, add them to your stack now, before you start the next step.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 4. Feed the free end of the ribbon up through the hole in the middle of the washers.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 5. Wrap the ribbon around towards the bottom, then feed it back up through the hole, overlapping the previous wrap as you progress.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 6. Repeat over and over and over.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 7. Trim the ribbon leaving just enough for the final wrap.

You can use pinking shears and/or fray check to ensure the end doesn’t fray, although chances are the hot glue will secure it well enough not to. I personally like to use my pinking shears whenever the opportunity arises!

That’s it!! Yes… its true… you’re all done!

Repeat with the rest of your washers, then go buy more and repeat again!

Like this project (I hope you did!)? Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions, and come back often to read more tutorials here on Peek-a-Boo Pages. There are so many wonderful tutorials to read, learn from, use, and come back to again and again.

Whether you decide to use weights, you prefer to stick with pins, or you utilize some combination, the end result is always the same… an amazing hand sewn item sewn with care and love.

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DIY Pattern Weights

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