DIY Headband | Free Twist Top Headband Tutorial

Hello! Stephanie from Stephie B Has Three here again to show you a fun new tutorial – this diy headband tutorial for the twist top headband!

Today I’ll be taking you step-by-step through how to make a twist top headband. This is one of the simplest headband patterns you’ll come across – the hardest part will be figuring out which fabric to use! (That step had me staring at my fabric closet for quite a while…!)

I see these all the time on Etsy , and I love them! Why pay for them if I can make them myself, though. 😉

Ok, lets get started!

DIY Headband Step 1. Gather your materials

  • Fabric. I’ll cover the measurements below. I recommend using knits, although if your measurements are spot on or you don’t want the stretch, try it out with a woven.
  • Cloth measuring tape
  • Acrylic Quilter’s Ruler or your favorite household ruler
  • Rotary Cutter or fabric scissors
  • Thread and sewing machine or serger

DIY Headband Step 2. Determine your headband length and width


Below is a chart you can use for reference when making this headband. Because of the twist on top, I recommend cutting your length as close to the actual head circumference as possible due to the inch or so of fabric used in the twist.

Newborn: 14″
Up to 1 Year: 16″
Toddler: 17″
Child: 19″
Teen: 20″
Adults: 21″

Today I’m making a headband for my 6mo daughters (twinsies!). Both of their heads measured 16.5″ so that will be my length.

Which wasn’t an easy task to begin with… They wiggle so much at 6 months!


For the width, I recommend 4″ wide for babies and toddler, and 5″ for children-adults.

If you’d like a thicker or thinner headband, feel free to get a little crazy and experiment!

DIY Headband Step 3. Measure and cut your headband

You’ll need two rectangles, length by width. In my case, I’ll be cutting two pieces that are 16.5″ x 4″.

You want the stretch going across the length, so lay out and measure your fabric accordingly.

DIY Headband Step 4. Sew

Fold your rectangles in half long ways (like a hot dog bun) with right sides together.

Sew along the long edge using a zigzag, stretch stitch, or serger. Use your desired seam allowance (SA) – 1/4″ is always a safe bet – then trim as necessary.

Once you’ve sewn down the long edge – it’ll look like a tube at this point – turn it right side out. Adjust your pieces so the seam is down the middle of the back.

With both seams facing upwards, lay one side over the other to make a ‘+’ symbol.

Fold the side on the bottom in half over the top side, sliding the top side as necessary.

Repeat with the second side.

Almost there!

Bring all four ends together towards the inside of the headband (so the raw edges don’t show once the headband is being worn), and sew using your desired SA.

I ended up serging this together because of how thick it is. If you used a serger, don’t forget to Finish your Serger Tails.

And there you have it!!!! An awesome headband! I told you it was easy, didn’t I? 😉

The final result went over pretty well with my little wiggles, although as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get a Pinterest-worthy picture of these two cuties with the headband on… but oh well… now you get to enjoy them just for stopping by. 🙂

There you have this DIY Headband. Have you ever made a twist top headband? What is your favorite headband style? I’d love to see your comments!

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DIY Headband | Free Twist Top Headband Tutorial

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