DIY Table Runner 101 | Reversible Table Runner With Pointed Ends

The DIY table runner. This past year, I’ve become a fan of table runners and changing them for seasons and holidays. It started with just a left over piece of fabric that I put underneath my clear plastic table cloth on a whim. But I liked so much, I switched to red for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t hemmed and I tucked under the part that had been cut into so it looked like a rectangle.

Then for Easter I pulled out a table runner my mother made me. Like all of her sewing-it was made beautifully and inspired me to make a real table runner. And to get more use out of it, I made it reversible! That way when I feel like a bit of change, I can just switch the sides. Here’s how you can make one too.

DIY Table Runner Instructions

You’ll need 2 yards of two different fabrics for your DIY table runner. They can be coordinating or clashing. You won’t really be seeing them together. (You can adjust the length of the fabric to fit longer or shorter tables or personal preferences.)

DIY Table Runner Step 1: Start by cutting each piece of fabric the length of the fabric (parallel to the selvage) 15 inches wide.

DIY Table Runner Step 2: Pin the two lengths of fabric right sides together and sew along the long sides. Leave an opening on one of the sides for turning. Do NOT sew the short sides.

DIY Table Runner Step 3: Open the short end of the table runner and fold the pieces of fabric in half on themselves. Match the seams from the long sides of the runner and pin the edge of the short side together. Right sides of the fabrics will be together.

Sew along the short ends of the table runner.

DIY Table Runner Step 4: Turn the runner right side out through the opening in the long side. Reach into the inside of the runner and gently poke out the corners you made by sewing the short sides. There will be 4 corners-two for each fabric.

DIY Table Runner Step 5: Push one set of corners (one color) inside the other set. This makes a neat little triangle on each end of the table runner.

DIY Table Runner Step 6: Press the side seams and triangles to make the table runner nice and crisp.

DIY Table Runner Step 7: Sew up the hole you used for turning the runner right side out. I used a ladder stitch (blind stitch) so you can’t tell when my hole was. Alternately you can use your machine to sew it closed. If you choose that method I suggest you topstitch all the way around the runner for a nicer finish.

DIY Table Runner Step 8: Give it a final press and put it out on your table. When you get tired of that side, push the points of the triangles through so the opposite fabric is on top of the table runner.

Enjoy changing your table decor without having to store anything extra! And here’s a tip if you have small kids like me who spill all over the table. Cover your table and table runner with a clear plastic tablecloth/vinyl.

It keeps the spills and such off the table runner so you can have a cute table and still just wipe if down after meals. No need to keep washing the table runner!

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DIY Table Runner

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