Baby Nest Sew Along Day 5

It’s time to finish sewing your baby nest! Who’s excited?! Today we are sewing steps 18-24. You can view the rest of the sew along here

This weekend is your chance to enter the big giveaway for a $25 gift card! To enter just share photos of your finished nest on social media with the tag #pabbabynest. 3 winners will be drawn on Monday:

  • Fan favorite (most likes)
  • Designer’s choice
  • Random draw

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It’s time to stuff! Start by grabbing a fistful of polyfil and positing it at the very top of the nest. Then work your way down each side one fistful at a time. The listed polyfil requirements are a general guideline and you may want to use a little more or less than listed. I like to stuff my nest until it’s plump but still squeezable.

Once you’re done stuffing it’s time to close up the legs. Do not overstuff the legs or this will be super difficult. Baste the legs shut either with your machine or by hand. It’s not very far to sew, so if you can’t get your nest under your machine very easily it might be quicker to do this by hand.

On my latest nest I shoved all of the stuffing towards the outside of the leg and then pinned the nest together about 1″ from the raw edge. This made finishing up the bias tape much easier! Once you’re done with the bias tape, remove the extra pins and the stuffing will fill the gap. The legs will be hidden by the toe flap so if you have some spots that aren’t 100% perfect don’t stress over it.

Add your snaps (step 21), then pull on the cording a bit until the nest is nicely rounded up top, and tie in a bow. I like to double knot for security.

Wrap the toe flap around the nest and snap in place on the underside of the nest. And you’re done!

I hope your little ones enjoy their baby nests!

Thanks for joining in our sew along! Check back Monday for winners 🙂

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