Baby Nest Sew Along Day 4

We’re nearing the end of the baby nest sew along. I hope you’re having fun! Today we are sewing steps 9-17. Once you finish remember to enter the daily giveaway in the facebook group.

Steps 9-12 is the optional insert. Since I’m sewing for a toddler I decided to skip the insert. If you are sewing for a baby and don’t want to deal with washing the nest for diaper blow-outs, spit-up, etc. the insert is definitely worth including! Here’s the insert I made for another nest. It just lies right on top of the base of the nest and is secured with Velcro. Make sure you put the soft side of the Velcro on the nest so you can still use it without the insert.

Steps 13-17 is the toe flap. This flap wraps around the base of the nest when it’s shut to give the nest a neat & tidy finish and keep curious little fingers away from the cording. Once the flap is sewn together you will baste it to the bottom of the nest in step 15. Whichever side you would like to show should be face-down (for this nest I had the white side show).

Now don’t get too excited and start stuffing yet! First we are going to add our bias tape to as much of the nest as possible because it is much easier to attach before adding the stuffing.

Here’s what the bias tape looks like on the back of the nest. If you need help with bias tape, a tutorial is available here.

Don’t sew the bias tape to the entire opening yet (stop at the marked star) or you won’t have an opening to add the stuffing.

That’s it for today! Tomorrow we add stuffing and finish up.

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