Baby Nest Sew Along Day 3

It’s day 3 of the baby nest sew along and today we are going to add the padding to the base of the nest! Grab your base layer(s) and get ready to do some quilting 🙂

The first thing we need to do is mark where the base layer belongs. This will ensure the nest is symmetrical and the padding is right in the middle. I find the easiest way to do step 6 is to fold my nest in half. Whichever fabric you want to show on the inside of the nest should be face-up. Lay the base piece on top and trace around it. Then flip your nest over and repeat on the other side.

In step 7 it’s time to mark the quilting lines. It’s much easier to mark these before adding your padding since everything is nice and flat right now. I decided to do horizontal rows and used my quilting ruler to keep them nice and straight. For my toddler size nest I made the rows 5″ apart.

Before adding the base padding to the nest, baste the outside edges together. I found this easiest to do with my serger. This will keep all of your layers together so they aren’t shifting around while you add them to the nest.

Now it’s time to slide the padding in-between the 2 layers of the nest. In the larger sizes this can take a little patience to get everything centered. I found it easiest, to line up all the layers at the base and then do a little shaking (imagine shaking out a beach towel before folding it up). Then I just laid it flat, stuck my arm inside the nest and scooted the padding around a bit until it was centered inside my marked lines. If your padding is a bit bigger than your marked lines it will work out just fine so don’t worry about it.

Now pin all of those layers together; the more pins the better! I try to pin at least every 3″. If you have a walking foot, it will make the quilting a bit easier. I don’t have a walking foot and it still turned out just fine. Roll up one side of the nest and then slide the whole nest under your machine so you can quilt the layers together.

Unless you are experienced with quilting and pin like crazy, you will most likely end up with a few little pleats in your fabric when you topstitch around the edge of the base. You can see a little pleat in my project right there in the center of the picture. Don’t worry about and don’t pick it out to try again. Once you get the stuffing added to the sides, this won’t even show, so there’s no need to stress over getting this perfect.

We are now done with Step 8 and finished for the day! Tomorrow we will sew the insert (optional) and toe flap. Remember to check the Facebook Group for the daily giveaway!

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  1. I’m working on my baby nest and using the SAL pics. I’m confused, did you use just the padding layers from the pattern or did you also add batting? This is my second one and just curious as I did not use batting the first go around. ALso, are there videos too? Thanks, Bea

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