Baby Nest Sew Along Day 2

It’s day 2 of the sew along! Playing catch up? Read the previous posts here.

Today we’re going to sew steps 1-5. First sew your trim pieces together into one long strip. I’m using bias tape so I skipped that step. Next finish the ends of the trim by folding over twice and topstitching. If you want a little leeway in getting the trim length correct (great idea if you altered the size of the nest or are using bias tape), just hem one end for now and leave your time a little longer than you think you’ll need. You can hem the other end later.

Next sandwich the trim around the cording. You need enough room for the cording to slide through the trim piece. If your cording is fairly narrow you may want to reduce the width of your trim a bit. You can see here I have a little more wiggle room than necessary.

In step 3 it’s time to attach the trim/cording to the nest. Find the middle of the trim and pin it to the center top of the nest. Pin the ends in place 3/8″ from the end of the nest.

It may look like your trim is too short. Don’t panic! Just clip into the seam allowance of the trim and that will help ease it around the corners.

In step 5 you sew both nest pieces together with the trim sandwiched between the 2 layers. I like to use a zipper foot for this step. You want to sew fairly close to your cording, but make sure it still has enough wiggle room for you to tie the nest. Depending on your cording width, you might need to use a bit larger or smaller seam allowance for this step. The important thing is to sew about 1/8-1/4″ from the edge of your cording.

After you sew the layers together, trim away the seam allowance at the corner.

And then notch the seam allowance on the curved upper corners. This will help the nest lay smoothly when you turn it right side out.

And that’s it for today! Remember to check the announcements in the Facebook group for the daily giveaway.

2 Responses

  1. so confused – the pattern for toddlers says 23 inches of bias tape which is way too short to go around the nest and therefore my bias tape and cord are both too short – am I doing something wrong???

    1. She used bias tape for the trim also, which uses 2-3 pieces if you were cutting out material. (The largest size uses 120 inches of trim)

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