Baby Nest Sew Along Day 1

It’s day 1 of the baby nest sew along! If you missed the introduction to the sew along with the info. on participating, safety guidelines, and FAQ you can read that post here. Today we will be cutting out our pieces!

If you don’t already have all of your supplies, check page 2 of your pattern for the full supply list. I’m sewing a toddler size so I have 3 bags of polyfil (pattern calls for 32 oz so I’ll have a bit extra), quilt padding (I used a crib size and had extra), 1.25 yards of fabric in 2 prints, cording and extra-wide bias tape (I used this for my trim as well so I bought 2 packages), snaps (not shown) and interfacing (not shown)

Main nest pieces cut from each of my main fabrics. Remember to cut them on the fold!
Toe flap cut in 2 fabrics and interfacing. This piece wraps around the end of the nest. I actually should’ve cut the main print the other way since mine ended up upside down (see below; it’s the piece at the end of the nest)
A bit hard to see, but here’s my 3 layers of quilt batting for the base of the nest.
Instead of trim fabric I decided to use double-fold bias tape. It is a bit wider than 1.5″ so depending on how thick your cording is you may want to trim it down some or just use a larger seam allowance when you attach the trim to the nest. I like to press the upper and lower folds out of the bias tape before using it. If you are using bias tape instead of trim, just add the required trim lengths together and then subtract seam allowances. Alternatively you can measure the outer edge of your nest.
I didn’t include the insert, but if you’d like to include it, you will need to cut those pieces as well. I like to use fleece or flannel for the bottom layer, PUL on the inside (to stop leaks) and coordinating quilting cotton for the top.

After cutting all of your pieces, check the announcements in the Facebook group, for instructions on entering the Day 1 giveaway!

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