Max King of the Wild Things Costume

I love using Peek-a-Boo patterns for my kids’ Halloween costumes! Can you guess who my little guy is dressed as this year?

Introducing Max, King of All the Wild Things!

The Zipster Romper and Wild Thing Slippers gave me the perfect foundation to build my costume on! This romper was made slightly larger to make up for the fleece not having much stretch. I added the gusset for a little extra room, and left off the cuffs at sleeves and ankles. I also used the longest zipper I could fit in the main body to make sure it’d be easy to get on and off. Finally, I added a long, furry tail and a crown made with felt and more of the fur.

I made “spats” with the Wild Things Slipper pattern. It’s an easy pattern hack–I didn’t cut a bottom or lining, and trimmed the top piece just a bit to look like toes. It’s sewn up the back seam and attached to a cuff. I’ll add a piece of elastic to slip under his shoes to keep them in place for Trick or Treat.

I’ll eat him up, I love him so.

What are you kids dressing up as for Halloween this year? Show us your costumes!

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