DIY Minnie Mouse Headband | Free Tutorial

DIY Minnie Mouse Headband

Today’s tutorial is a DIY Minnie Mouse Headband. With Halloween just around the corner, I know you’ve probably started thinking about your kids’ costumes. I know not everyone feels the same way, but I genuinely enjoy making my kids’ costumes. It’s a fun way to get creative, and my kids like to get involved too by making requests and helping pick out patterns and fabric.

Costume making doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, today I’ll show you a simple tutorial for making a Minnie Mouse headband with a bow and ears. Pair the headband with a homemade polka dot dress or even a store-bought one for a complete costume. These are also great if you’re taking a trip to Disneyland or World. Just a fun, simple way to enjoy the magic!

DIY Minnie Mouse Headband Supplies:

  • Polka Dot fabric -scrap piece or 1/8th yard)
  • Black fabric (I prefer to use a velvet) -scrap piece or 1/8th yard
  • Batting
  • small black headband
  • basic sewing notions (thread, scissors, ruler, ect.)

DIY Minnie Mouse Headband Instructions:

Cutting Fabric

Let’s start with cutting your fabric. First, you’ll need to cut out 2 squares of your polka dot fabric measuring 5×5 inches. Next, cut a piece of batting the same size. (You are welcome to make your bow bigger or smaller based on personal preference. This is just the size I like best.) Then cut a strip of polka dot fabric to be 2.5×4 inches. This will be for the center of the bow. Finally, cut four circles of black fabric and 2 circles of the batting fabric. You can use anything round to trace around. (I created an easy template for myself by tracing around a ribbon spool.)

DIY Minnie Mouse Headband Sewing

Next we’ll move on to the sewing. First, take your two squares of polka dot fabric and face them right sides together. Next, place them on top of a square of batting. Then pin in place. Sew (or serge) around all four sides of the square using a 1/4 inch seam. However, BE SURE TO LEAVE a 1 INCH OPENING so you can turn it right side out. I like to round my corners as well, but this is totally optional.

DIY Minnie Mouse Headband Ironing

Flip your square right side out and turn the raw edged from the opening in towards the inside. Next, give it a nice press with the hot iron. (You can choose to sew the opening closed, but I find it uneccesary as it will eventually be covered up by the center piece of the bow.)

DIY Minnie Mouse Headband Folding

Next, accordion fold the center of square (starting where your opening is) to create your bow. Then wrap a piece of thread around the middle tightly, several times and tie a knot in the back.

DIY Minnie Mouse Headband Center Piece

Now we’ll create the center piece for the bow. First, take your strip of fabric and fold it in half hot dog style, right sides together. Then sew down the long side of the fabric, creating a narrow tube.

Turn the tube right side out. Line the seam up in the back middle, and give it a good press with the iron.

Next, fold the strip in half so that the raw edges are touching and the seam line is on the outside. Then sew the short ends together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Next, flip your little ring right side out so the seam lines are hidden in the inside. Finally, insert the ring around the bow and position it in the center. Look how cute that bow is! Now you can slide the bow on to your headband.

Next we’ll create the ears. Take 2 of your black circles and place them right sides together. Pin on top of a circle of batting. Sew around the outside, being sure to leave a small opening.

Flip your circle right sides out through the opening you left. Now tuck in the raw edges of the opening and fold that portion of the ear up 1/2 inch towards the back side of the ear. Then sew in place using BLACK thread to hide your stitches. Now, you have just created a channel that you can slide your headband through. Afterwards, do the same thing with the other ear and you are finished.

You can adjust the bow and ears to your liking simply by sliding them along the headband until they are positioned correctly.

There you have it! You created a Minnie Mouse Bow and Ears headband and it wasn’t that difficult was it?

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