How to Sew Set-In Sleeves | Free Tutorial

How to Sew Set-In Sleeves

Learning how to Sew set-in sleeves might sound intimidating for certain people, but believe me it is not scary as you think. There is a time where you will come across a pattern that requires knowing how to sew set-in sleeves to attach the sleeves to the bodice. So this tutorial will definitely come in handy.  With these step by step guidelines you will be sewing those sleeves like a pro seamstress. Alright, let’s get on with it!

Getting Started Learning How to Sew Set-in Sleeves

What you need:

  1. Pattern pieces. For you pour pattern needs check out
  2. Pins or clips

Cut your pattern pieces accordingly.

With right side together, sew the shoulder seam and the side seams of the bodice.

Take one of the sleeves. With right side together, fold the sleeve in half, lining up the side seams and sew. Mark center notch of the sleeve with pin or clip. Repeat for the other sleeve.

Take the sleeves and turn inside out while bodice remain at the wrong side out facing you.

Now we are going to insert the sleeves to the bodice. Place one of the sleeves as in the picture. Next, slide the sleeve inside the armhole of the bodice.

Be sure to line up the center notch on the sleeve with the shoulder seam and the seams at the armpit.

Now start pinning all the way around the sleeve before you sew. Its important to remember that lots of pin will be very helpful and you may want to baste if you like.

Next, once you pinned, place the wrong side of the sleeve facing the needle and start sewing. After that, sew/serge slowly especially when you reach curvy points.

Sew around the circle until you reach the finish line

sewing set-in sleeves

To finish, repeat for the other sleeve. After that, turn the garment inside out and you are done! Now you know how to sew set-in sleeves!

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  1. This looks super clean and neat! I was wondering if you do the same method for long sleeves? I have made peek-a-boo’s Oxford shirt with long sleeves a few times and the sleeve assembly is different. I think it turns out decent but now I’m wondering if this way is better. Would you recommend trying it this way?

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