Hyak and Huckleberry Sew Along Day 5

Hyak and Huckleberry Sew Along Day 5

Today is day 5 of the sew along! Today, I am going to show you how to make a zipper pocket for your hoodie. And then, I have a fun idea you can use that zipper pocket for! Ready?


First, you want to find the center of your hoodie and mark it. Now, determine how wide you want your pocket. Mine is 8″ on a size 8. Mark that line. Make a rectangle 3/4″ wide.


Now, you need to create your pocket piece. You need it 2″ wider than your rectangle. To determine the height, measure from the top of your pocket down to the bottom of your bodice. Add an inch to that measurement. (mine is a bit different because I upcycled a men’s sweatshirt and left the band in place) My pocket piece measured 10″ wide by 6″ tall. Mark your pocket opening on your pocket piece. It will be centered, 1″ from the top.


Using the same method we used to create the welt pocket. Place your pocket piece on your bodice front, right sides together. Sew around the rectangle.


Cut the rectangle open and pull the pocket through to the back side. Press well.


Time for the zipper! Place it under the retangle, so that the teeth show through the hole. Pin into place.


Stitch the zipper into place all around the rectangle.


Now, cut a pocket lining the same size as your pocket piece. With the front of the bodice wrong side up, place the pocket lining right side down onto the pocket, lining up the edges, just like the pocket lining in the tutorial. Now stitch it in place.


There you have it!! A fun zipper opening! You can do this on the original welt pockets have have two zipper pockets.


Now, we can keep going and create a fun zipper mouth character!!

I hand drew two sets of ears and stitched them right sides together leaving the bottom open. Clip the seam allowance at the point.


Baste them in place along the top of the bottom bodice piece.


Now, attach the upper bodice. Your ears will be sandwiched between the upper and lower bodices.


There, ears!!!!!


Now for the rest of the face, I just found some eyes I liked and cut them out of heat transfer vinyl with my Silhouette. You can cut some out by hand, embroider, or use your sewing machine to create an applique. So many options! Have fun with it!!


Joining In:
I’m so excited to have you sewing along with us! Here’s how to join in the fun

1. Pick up a copy of the Hyak Hoodie or Huckleberry Hoodie (or grab both!)
2. Check here on the blog everyday this week (see schedule below)
3. Join the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group: Participants are encouraged to post in-progress photos, ask for help and advice, etc. throughout the week
4.Post your photos on facebook and IG and tag them with #hyakhoodie and/or #huckleberryhoodie for your chance to win a gift card! 3 winners will be drawn at random for $25 store credit.

Sew Along Schedule: 

Monday: Choosing Your Fabric and Size, Choosing Your Options, Printing Your Pattern, Cutting
Tuesday: Sewing the welt pockets and Adding a zipper to the welt pockets
Wednesday: Assembling the body: Faux piping and How to make a 2-way invisible zipper
Thursday: Assembling the hood and adding cuffs
Friday: Inspiration and modifications
Saturday and Sunday: Catch Up Days
Monday: Winners announced

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