Hyak and Huckleberry Sew Along Day 3

Hyak and Huckleberry Sew Along Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of the Hyak and Huckleberry Sew Along! If you are just joining us, scroll to the bottom for how to join in and to see our schedule. Yesterday we sewed our welt pockets. Today, we are going to assemble the body of the hoodie.


Let’s focus on that fun curve on the bodice. The pattern has instructions for adding piping to this seam. If you need some more help with this option, we have a great tutorial on piping here. You can even learn how to make your own piping with that tutorial!

Faux/Flat Piping

Now, what if you want the look of piping, but you don’t have any cording? Well, we can make some faux/flat piping with a strip of knit fabric. It’s so easy and it adds a great detail element!


Start by cutting a strip of knit fabric 1.5″ wide by the length needed to fit your bodice.


Press in half wrong sides together.


Now, sew it onto the bottom edge of the upper bodice piece, just like the instructions state for adding piping and continue on with the instructions as written.


Isn’t that a fun detail! Such an easy way to add an accent color or emphasize that lovely curved seam in the bodice.

2-way Invisible Zipper

Now, what if you are sewing a nursing friendly version on the Hyak? Have you thought about adding a 2-way invisible zipper to that seam to make it even easier to feed your baby? Well you can! And you don’t even have to buy a special zipper! I’m going to show you how you can create your own 2-way invisible zipper!

You will need two invisible zippers for this.

They must be the same size zippers and have the same size pulls. You want to use a zipper longer than you need. Attaching the second zipper pull can cause some fraying and damage to the first few zipper teeth.

Cut off the bottom zipper stop on from the zipper you want to become the 2-way zipper (dark zipper). Cut the top zipper pull off of your extra zipper (light zipper). Remove the pull from the second zipper.

hyak huckleberry

You will need to iron open your zipper and iron the bottom flat, just like you would do before installing it.

After I ironed the zipper, I clipped one end so it was slightly longer than the other. This allowed me to have a “runway” of sorts for the zipper pull.

hyak huckleberry

On the longer zipper tape, thread the second zipper pull onto the zipper, with the skinny end of the zipper leading.

hyak huckleberry

When you get to the second side of the zipper, feed it into the other side of the zipper pull.


Now holding snuggly to the end of your zipper tape, pull on the zipper pull. You may need a little force to get it to go.

It can help to have somebody help hold the zipper tape while you pull on the zipper pull. Three hands makes this a little easier!

Trim the zipper tapes even when you get the pull on.


That’s it! You have a two way invisible zipper!


After you have your bodice front complete, assemble the back bodice, sew the shoulder seams and attach the sleeve and sew down the side seams.

Meet me back here for steps 16-26 (attaching the cuffs, band and hood) tomorrow!

Joining In:
I’m so excited to have you sewing along with us! Here’s how to join in the fun

1. Pick up a copy of the Hyak Hoodie or Huckleberry Hoodie (or grab both!)
2. Check here on the blog everyday this week (see schedule below)
3. Join the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group: Participants are encouraged to post in-progress photos, ask for help and advice, etc. throughout the week
4.Post your photos on facebook and IG and tag them with #hyakhoodie and/or #huckleberryhoodie for your chance to win a gift card! 3 winners will be drawn at random for $25 store credit.

Sew Along Schedule: 

Monday: Choosing Your Fabric and Size, Choosing Your Options, Printing Your Pattern, Cutting
Tuesday: Sewing the welt pockets and Adding a zipper to the welt pockets
Wednesday: Assembling the body: Faux piping and How to make a 2-way invisible zipper
Thursday: Assembling the hood and adding cuffs
Friday: Inspiration and modifications
Saturday and Sunday: Catch Up Days
Monday: Winners announced

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