Bahama Mama Sew Along: Day 5

It’s all about the bottoms today!


 If you have been sewing along with the schedule, you should have your top completed! Now let’s finish the look with a cute pair of bikini bottoms or boy shorts!

The assembly is fairly straight forward for the bottoms; however, here are a couple of tips.

Tip 1: If you are adding power mesh into the mix, the layering at Steps 1 and 2 are a bit different:


Tip 2: After you layer your pieces, clip/pin your raw edges. As you can see on the image (above right), there will be a bit of ‘extra’ fabric on the back (this is included ease to account for our curves).

Tip 3: If you are making the bikini bottoms, there is more elastic to keep everything in place. If it is helpful, please review the Day 3 topics for creating an elastic loop (overlapping elastic) and how to properly quarter your elastic and fabric.

 At Step 5 in the tutorial, the leg elastic is sewn in. Here are a few tips for sewing in elastic:

Tip 4: When sewing elastic onto straight edges or concave curves, apply a small amount of tension (not stretching, just keeping a bit of tension, i.e.: lightly holding the elastic between your thumb and forefinger as the machine feeds to fabric).

Tip 5: When sewing elastic onto a convex curve (i.e.: curve of your bottom), apply a bit more tension than you would for a straight or concave –  a slight/minimal stretch; this will allow the elastic to cup or form to your shape better and not gape.

Tip 6: Click here to view a great video that illustrates the elastic tension/stretching technique nicely.

Please continue to follow the tutorial to finish your bottoms …

And we are finished! 

One week. 30 minutes a day. One cute suit made by YOU, for YOU!!!


Thank you so much for joining the sew along; now we want to SEE your creations!

Tomorrow is picture day! Be sure to post you favorite image of your finished suit in the Bahama Mama SAL albums for an opportunity to win a PRIZE!


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