Vintage Pattern Sewing Room Decor

I have been sewing since I was a kid. My mom would sew on occasion but as I got older it became less and less once there were 4 of us. But in the summers I would get to spend a week with my grandmother. She owned a quilt shop in a little building right outside of her house. This was my happy place. I LOVED walking in there and seeing and feeling all the fabric. She would always plan a sewing project for while I stayed and I always got to pick out anything I wanted from her shop. It was amazing! She passed away several years ago, and going through her house we found boxes of old patterns. I of course claimed them all. Nobody else wanted them, so it was easy to do! They have been sitting in a guest room since the day I brought them to my house, begging to have something done with them.

My sewing room has nothing on the walls. So right now was the perfect opportunity to use some of these vintage patterns and create something amazing to hang up.

I started with a 16 x 20 canvas, mod podge, the paper mache letters that spelled SEW, a handful of vintage patterns, and a few embellishments! The finally result is some amazing and fun wall art for my craft space. If you don’t have an vintage patterns, any paper patterns would do, or even printed out pieces of your favorite pdf patterns!


Lets get started!!


To begin with I placed the patterns I had chosen onto my canvas to get them in the right arrangement. There was a particular pattern that I knew I wanted to be on the bottom right where it wouldn’t get covered. Beyond that I just placed them and tilted them until they fit well onto the space I had and covered the canvas. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take them off and put them back how I had them with out a visual, so I took a quick cell phone shot of the placement to reference while I attached them.


Next cut all the tops off of the patterns, you only need that front layer with the photos on it. The backs went into the garbage. I did save a few of the pattern pieces from inside to use to cover the letters. Once cut out, paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the top half of the canvas. It’s best to work in layers or it will dry before you get to all of it. Start placing the pattern tops onto the canvas and pressing them into the Mod Podge. I got the first 4 placed and then painted over them with the Mod Podge to secure them to the canvas and give them a nice finish. Repeat with the 2nd and 3rd layers. Once all patterns on the canvas you can choose to go over the entire thing with one more layer of Mod Podge. My patterns were laying nicely and so I just did the one layer.



Allow the patterns to dry for an hour or two. Once dry take a scissors, box cutter, whatever you have to trim the hang over off the canvas. Once I had it trimmed up how I liked it, I did go over all the edges with Mod Podge to make sure I didn’t have any pieces peeling up.


While you are waiting for the canvas to dry you can work on your letters. I chose SEW, but I have also made a sign that says LOVE. The sky’s the limit on the word you can use, as long as it’s short that is!

Again cut out and place the pattern pieces you want on your letters first. Then paint the whole letter with Mod Podge and place the pattern pieces on top. The pieces are very thin, so I did need to go slowly doing this to prevent them from wrinkling to much. A few I had to pull back up in spots right away to rearrange. With the pieces being so thin, I only used the one layer of Mod Podge and didn’t paint over them again. Allow these to dry and then trim the extra away from the letters.

Once dry you can embellish with whatever you have. I choose to use a few brads and flowers I had in my scrapbooking stash for the “S”, some ribbon around the “E” and a few decorative buttons on the “W”.


SEW Letters

Next lay the letters out on your canvas to get them in the right position. Use a hot glue gun to attach them to the canvas when you have the look you want.


Now you’re done! You have a creative wall hanging for your space! Mine has some sentimental meaning, I even through in a little nod to my grandmother in the top right corner. I love looking at it while I am working.


I dislike putting nail holes in my walls, so for anything I can I use the 3M Command picture hanging strips I do. This project is light enough that I just had to use 2 and I haven’t had an issue!


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