Kids Undies & Socks Sew Along Day 5: Cozy Critter Socks

What a fun week this has been!  I hope you are enjoying this sew along and you will be inspired to make lots of little undies treats for your favorite kiddos!

Today we are wrapping up with the Cozy Critter Socks and I have to say that I think this is my favorite day!  When people find out that you know how to make underwear and even socks, they instantly think you’re a sewing genius!  It’s fantastic!

I love that the Cozy Critter pattern not only features ankle, crew and knee length socks, but it also includes some adorable critter templates!  We will get into the embellishments in a bit.  First I want to work on construction and some tricky spots.

All of your pieces should be cut out already.  Here are my ankle and knee socks.  The crew length is the same as the knee, but shorter.

A common problem that we see time and time again is that sewists will mix up the darts after cutting their pieces.  Or they will get the toe end mixed up with the back end.  So here’s a helpful tip: right after you cut the back pieces, place a pin next to the heel dart.  You can use a marking pen or whatever method will help you to remember which end is which!


Before you start construction, the pattern suggests adding the main features of your critters.  For the knee socks, I used Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) for the bunny’s face and the pink ear lining.  Critter faces will also help to keep your pieces oriented so the toe and back ends won’t get mixed up!

Tips for the sock construction

  • Don’t skip the ironing!  Ironing helps to orient the seam allowance to ensure comfort!
  • Trim your seam allowances!  Bulky seams = whiny kids! 😉
  • When attaching the bands and when topstitching the band seam allowance, it’s easiest if the presser foot is on the inside of the sock

Let’s talk embellishments!  The sky is the limit, really!  You can use lace, buttons, HTV, fabric paint, embroidery, Fold Over Elastic (FOE), etc.  A few things to keep in mind:

  • Adding puff paint to the bottoms can act as anti-skid fabric.  Regular fabric paint may get a bit stiff.  So play around with this on scraps and see how it dries before painting on your socks.
  • If adding embellishments around the top band make sure it has stretch!  You’ll still need to get the socks over the heel.
  • If adding lace to the top, you may need to trim off some of the height of the knee socks.
  • Paint, embroidery and vinyl are all best when added before constructing the socks.  Buttons and lace trim can be added towards the end.
  • Have fun and be creative!
  • These are great for spirit days, stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, holiday themes…

WARNING: After you make your first critter pair, your kids will beg for ALL of the critters!!


Now that our sew along is complete, be sure to upload your finished products to the Peekaboo Pattern Shop Facebook page!  I can’t wait to see your creativity!

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  1. Videos are so much better for people that are really trying to learn I bought this pattern but ive even messed up on cutting the pattern out so many lines. Step by step would be awesome hope there will be more videos in the future. I love everything I see but need to learn first Ive bought a few patterns thinking I can do it…not! But Im not giving up Im still trying

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