Kids Socks & Undies Sew Along Day 1: Choosing Your Fabric and Cutting Your Patterns

Welcome to the kids socks and undies sew along! This is going to be a fun week where you’ll learn how to make socks and underwear for kids that will fit much better than anything you can buy in the stores!

Kids socks and undies sew along

Joining In

I’m so excited to have you sewing along with us! Here’s how to join in the fun

1. Pick up a copy of the pattern (or patterns)
2. Check here on the blog everyday this week (see schedule below)
3. Join the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group: Participants are encouraged to post in-progress photos, ask for help and advice, etc. throughout the week
4. Upload your Finished Photo to the Facebook group and/or Instagram and tag it with #peekaboopatternshop and the pattern name (#classicpantiesandcamisole #classicbriefsandboxerbriefs or #cozycrittersocks)

$20 Peek-a-Boo Gift Cards will be awarded for the following prizes:

#1: Fan Favorite (based on # of likes on fb)
#2: Designer Favorite
#3 Random Draw on facebook and instagram


Here’s a quick run-down of the week, so you can prepare and get your fabrics and patterns ready.   The patterns we will be using are the Classic Briefs & Boxer Briefs, Classic Panties & Camisole, and Cozy Critters Socks. All of these patterns are on sale for the sew along!

Today we will cover choosing fabric and making sure it’s the right kind for the best fit. We’ll also go ahead and cut out our pieces.  ** Note: If you want to sew the panties with directional fabric, wait until tomorrow to cut those out.  I’ll go into detail on how to do this with directional fabric!

Tuesday: We will work on the girl’s Classic Panties. I’ll specifically show you how to use directional fabrics with this pattern.  I’ll also show you a few tips for adding the bands to the Camisole.

Wednesday: We will focus on boy’s Briefs & Boxer Briefs. I’ll cover the functional fly as well as the faux fly.  I’ll also give you a tip on sewing bands on knits!

Thursday:  I’ll explain how I turned the undies into training underwear.

Friday: We will wrap up our week with the Cozy Critter socks. This day we will focus on the construction, making sure your pieces are oriented correctly so you aren’t unpicking stitches out of knit!  I’ll also show you some fun ways to embellish these outside of what the pattern offers.

For all of the patterns this week, fabric choice is important.  You want to make sure that your fabric not only has the proper stretch, but also excellent recovery.  To check for these, start with a fabric scrap that is 2″x4″.  Hold the scrap with one end and stretch as far as it will go.  If the fabric looks distorted and does not go back to nearly the original shape, then it does not have enough recovery.

You can see how this little raccoon on the Doodles knit is super cute, but once I stretch it, my little raccoon has grown about an inch because the fabric does not recover well.  I will say that I made two pair of Classic Boxer Briefs for my son out of these fabrics and I ended up throwing them both in the trash.  After just wearing them for a little while, they were stretched out and falling off.

That being said, I’ve seen people use old t-shirts to make undies and they are super cute.  My son is very slender and it didn’t take much for the underwear to slide off!  The key is getting the fabric right for the bands!  For the bands, especially, you will want to use something with lycra or spandex.  I love using cotton lycra for my bands (95%/5%).  I did try ribbed knit once and that didn’t work for me for the underwear.  Paired with the doodles knit, it was a disaster!

Let’s start cutting!  Here are a few tips and suggestions

  • Use marking pens to keep pieces straight.  I love the Frixion pens because the markings disappear with heat.  Note that they may slightly discolor dark fabrics, so mark carefully!
  • Wash Away Wonder Tape or a fabric glue stick will be your best friend this week!  It’s great for holding bindings into place without the use of pins.
  • These patterns are close-fitting to the body.  A muslin is great if it’s your first time using the patterns and so that you don’t waste your good fabric!  Refer to the measurement charts for proper fit.
  • Band and waistband measurements are in the cutting charts for briefs, boxer briefs, panties and camisole.  They also appear on the main pattern pieces when possible.  There are no pattern pieces for these bands.

Here’s an easy way to mark the fly for the Classic Boxer Briefs!  I cut the pattern piece along the marking and stop just before the edge.  This way you don’t lose your little piece when marking.


Here’s a little tip when cutting out your sock patterns — as soon as I cut mine, I mark the heel dart with a pin.  It’s easy to confuse the toe and the heel.  You can use a pin or a marking pen.


I look forward to a fun week and seeing all of your creations soon!

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