Lullaby Line Knotted Gown Sewing Pattern

Looking for something fun to sew for baby? You’ll love you the Lullaby Line Knotted Gown Sewing Pattern!

Can’t beat the sweetness of a sleeping baby in a cozy gown 🙂 
1898LB Gown260117_edited-2WM

The gown has a snap placket for easy dressing. The fold-over mitts keep little hands warm and prevent any accidental scratches
1907LB Gown260117_edited-2WM

This little sweetie is cute as they come in her gown! 

You can also tie the knot the other way and make a cute little mermaid tail! 

As a bonus option I also included a banded bottom for a more traditional gown
slavik (1 of 1)-144

I can’t wait for my little guy to get here and wear these! 9P4A7444

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  1. I want to know about fabric. Which are the best fabrics to use for jumpsuits for toddlers. What is the difference between cotton lycra and polyester knit? can you give me some suggestions please

  2. Is there a video on how to do this? Would love to purchase pattern but Im a beginner and would have to watch video to see how to put it together. And also I have no ideal on what kind of material I would need to make this for a 5 month old help please Thank you

  3. Good day,

    would love o make this for my Grandbaby that is arriving soon. Where can I get a pattern? Preferably online.

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