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As we have entered the new year, I’m sure you have each been asked or challenged to come up with a personal goal – a resolution if you will. I have to be honest here, I am not good at setting attainable goals and often find myself disappointed when I fail to hit the gym or give up on an eating challenge, because let’s face it – I’m a foodie and any goal related to food might as well be tossed right out the window for me. This year – instead of boxing myself in and feeling the pressure of a goal that may or may not actually fit in with my life, I have created a Sewing Vision Board.

It’s a blank slate if you will. A new beginning in sewing and creativity.

It is not just about what I want to sew this year, but personal goals, things I’m afraid of and {WILL} overcome, and something to hold me together through what I know will be a challenging year.

I expect things to change on this board. I expect things to change in my life and so it is unrealistic to think that every single thing on the board today will be the same six months from now – or even next week. As I accomplish goals, I get to mark them off the list. As I create, I get to add it to my list! These, my friends, are things that will encourage me, will keep me moving forward in creativity, and hopefully will result in a creative and wonderful year. Follow along with me as I journey through the Sewing Vision Board and let’s see what we can accomplish together!

Picture Frame
Batting (Fluffy fabric of any kind, fleece, batting, towel, etc.)

Begin by removing the glass and contents from your frame.

Gather your fluff. In my case I used quilt batting because I had it in my scrap bin. Double layer the fluff and cut to about an inch bigger than your frame backing.


Get your fabric for the frame and lay it right side down. Place your fluff on top of the fabric and finally your frame backing on top of the fluff.

Depending on the type of frame you are using, this part could be easy or a bit tricky. Since my frame was deep with the glass set more toward the front, I literally just lined up the frame back with all my fabric on it and pushed it into place.

I closed the little metal tabs that keep the contents into place.

There was a bit of excess fabric, so I trimmed it a little. The depth of the frame hid the remaining fabric. If your frame is on the thinner side, you may trim down the fabric and even use a hot glue gun to hold the fabric edges into place.

Now, find a place that is ready to put up your frame and has room for growth. I chose the only bare spot in my craft room – right behind the door. Not ideal – but perfect for late night inspiration since I have Stella right across the hall and the hum of the many sewing machines wakes her up.

Now comes the fun part. Here’s a breakdown of the basics of my Sewing Vision Board.



Pattern Design

Hit List – what I want to make

What I made List

Measurements and Swatches

And of course, pictures of the ones I love that nearly completely make up my sewing list! This is just the beginning friends. I’m excited to mark off things on my hit list and I am hoping that the What I Made list is too long to put on the front of that piece of paper. Each item I put on the board is there for a reason – a reminder, an encouragement, a place to begin, a goal to reach. I hope you join me in making a Sewing Vision Board for yourself and together we’ll see how far we’ve come this time next year!


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