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Today I have a FREE DIY Cinderella Costume to share with you!

cinderella dress

When I took my daughter to see the new Cinderella movie earlier this year, she immediately fell in love with her amazing dress! And since I enjoy playing fairy godmother I sewed one up for my little Cinderella. Childhood should be magical ūüôā

DIY Cinderella Costume

Of course it wouldn’t be complete without the butterflies!


The back has a simple velcro closure for easy on/off


So much tulle but so worth it! The entire dress is fully lined so no need to worry about itching


¬†Hurry Cinderella it’s almost midnight!


Don’t forget your glass slipper!


Off she goes!


Ready to sew your own DIY Cinderella Costume?

This pattern is for a size 5 (24″ chest circumference). My daughter has a 22″ chest so it’s a little roomy on her but I wanted room to layer over warm clothing on Halloween. You can easily overlap the back a little more/less to customize the fit. My daughter is 44″ tall and the dress sweeps the floor. If you plan to adjust the skirt length you may need additional fabric

DIY Cinderella Costume Materials List:

    • 8.5 yards tulle (54″ bolt width)
    • 1.5 yards satin (56/58″ bolt width. Costume Satin comes on a narrower bolt and you will need additional fabric if you choose to use that)
  • Velcro for Back Closure

Butterfly Materials List:

  • 1/8 yard tulle in 3-4 colors
  • 3-4 beads/butterfly
  • Fine gauge wire

Print your DIY Cinderella Costume pattern out at 100% and check the 1″ box to make sure it printed correctly. Tape the bodice pieces together along the dashed lines. Use a 1/2″ seam allowance.

1. With right sides together (RST) sew the center bodice piece to one side bodice piece with the edges matched at the seam allowance.


2. Repeat on the other side


3. With RST sew the back bodice pieces to the front bodice at the shoulder seams. Repeat stesp 1-3 with your 2nd set of pieces


4. With RST sew the outer bodice to the bodice lining along the arm openings and neckline. Do not sew the side seams or center back. Clip your seam allowance along the curves.


5. Turn the bodice right side out by pulling the back pieces through the shoulders. It will be a bit tight but it does fit. Press flat.


6. Gather the center of the shoulder sash together with your fingers and sew over it a few times to secure.


7. Topstitch the gathered point of the shoulder sash to the enter front of the dress. Gather the tail ends with your fingers and sew to the center back opening on the outer layer of the dress only.


8. Flip the center back of the bodice around so right sides are together and sew together, stopping 1/2″ before the bottom edge. The tail end of the sash will be in-between the 2 layers. Clip the seam allowance at the corner.


9. Add velcro to the back opening.


10. With RST sew the bodice to the bodice lining along the side seams


11. With 11. With RST sew the side seams of the skirt lining together stopping 2″ from the top edge. Fold the hem over 1/4″ twice and topstitch. Since the front bodice is angled downward, I trimmed the top edge of my skirt as well. Mark 1.5″ from the top edge at the center front point and trim at an angle. It will be gathered so don’t worry about getting this exact.


12. Gather the top edge of the skirt to match the bodice width


13. Gather your tulle to match the bodice width. I made 2 skirt layers of tulle (5 tulle pieces in each layer). Instead of sewing each tulle layer to the next along the sides, just overlap the pieces 1/2″ as you go.


14. Slide the tulle layers over the skirt lining on the right side of the fabric. Baste together along the top edge. The tulle layers will be open in the back but the skirt is so full it’s not noticeable.¬†IMG_5284

15. With RST sew the skirt to the outer layer of the bodice. Tuck the seam allowance inside the bodice and hand sew the bottom edge of the lining in place.


16. Add the butterflies! I used this tutorial from Birds Party and made 9 butterflies. We have had the antennae get stuck in the sash occasionally so you may want to leave that portion off.


I hope your princess enjoys this dress as much as mine does!


Make sure you check-out the Costumes section for lots more ideas and free patterns!


15 Responses

  1. Wow! Beautiful! I just made a Belle costume for my granddaughter. Talk about involved!! This Cinderella looks, not only easy but , beautiful!! I have no way to print this out, do you sell your patterns?

  2. Bonjour Amy,

    Je me suis inscrit vous m’avez r√©pondu en anglais et je ne sais pas comment faire pour imprimer le patron et les explications en fran√ßais. Si j’ai bien compris le patron est gratuit
    J’aimerai bien faire cette robe pour ma petite fille de 5 ans qui serait ravie. Si vous pouviez me r√©pondre en fran√ßais
    Merci de votre compréhension.

  3. Hi Amy,
    When you say “use a 1/2″ seam allowance” is this included in the pattern or to be added on around the pattern?
    Thank you,

  4. Hi! I love the pattern and printed it, per the directions; however, the pattern pieces do not match up or look like the pieces on the tutorial. Any suggestions as my daughter is anxious to get her dress made! Thanks.

    1. Your printer settings may have been incorrect. Did you double check that the printer was set to “100%” or “no scaling” and that the reference square on the pattern measured exactly 1″x1″? If the reference square is right, then the pattern printed properly. If you are still stuck, email me a picture of what you are working with at and I will help you out.

  5. Love this! Thank you so much. I made the Belle dress a few years ago and it was so simple with your tutorial. Will be making this one soon !

    1. Just the size 5 but you could use the tutorial as a general guide for adapting another pattern. Really all you need is a bodice to start from

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