Summer Spray Paint Shirt


It’s officially summertime and the Benedict Family is on a cross country road trip! We left for Grandma’s house last week and I knew with all the cousins together it was important to have a project that would work for a group of rowdy, pool soaked kiddos. The Summer Spray Paint Shirt is the perfect homage to a summer spent near the pool!

Fabric Spray Paint
Foam Shapes
Cardboard or Paper Bag for lining

First things first – wash your shirts! This is an important step as knit shrinks and the manufacturing chemicals (ew) can resist the paint.

Put some cardboard or a paper bag inside of the shirt to keep paint from bleeding through to the other side. Place shapes all over the shirt. Go bananas here. Really! The more the merrier!

Spray with paint to make designs. The closer you get, the more concentrated the shape (more like a circle) and further away gives an airbrush splatter paint kind of look (my favorite 80s look). 🙂




For kids that don’t mind the mess, put their hand on the shirt and spray around it for a personalized hand print!

Mix and match colors, but remind kids that staying in a color family (colors next to each other on the color wheel) will result in brighter colors. Mixing colors that aren’t near each other can turn out muddy. For instance, blue, green, and yellow look awesome. Green and Red make brown. Womp waaaa.

Remove the shapes carefully and check out your design. This is the best part! If there’s a ton of paint on your shapes, flip them over and press down to make stamp like images. Way fun!



This project is excellent for a pool party, a summer birthday party craft, or you can even go patriotic and make shirts for the Fourth of July! Our project took about an hour from set up to clean up with two kids painting at a time. Kids ranged from 3 to 14 and ALL of them loved it. Yay mom!


About the supplies:
I found the paint at Hobby Lobby and chose to go neon as there was a good variety of colors for the kids to choose from. The spray paint came with 7 colors and was $14 before the coupon. We were able to make 7 shirts (6 youth and 1 adult), but were running out of colors near the end. If you plan to do this project with a bunch of kids, I would recommend getting two packs of paint to get the best results! Also, the littles (ages 3-5) needed a bit of help pumping the spray bottles. If you plan on doing this project for little littles, I would get the aerosol spray cans…that were right next to the paints I bought!

When you are finished, dry the shirts in the sun for a day. Let them cure for about two more days inside. I just brought them inside and hung them up in the laundry room. After a total of three days (I cheated and did two) wash like normal (I added a color catcher just in case). Now, show off your shirts!


Happy Summer!


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