Summer Sketching Supplies Pouch

Summer Sketching Supplies Pouch

Hi there, has summer vacation started where you live already? We still have one month of school to go, those last bits are always exhausting… However, even though we have no real holiday planned, there will be day trips and other travels, so I made a little pouch for drawing supplies to keep the kids entertained on our ferry journeys that are a necessary part of every trip for us. The pouch carries some pencils (or felt tip pens) and two small notebooks. To close it off safely, it has both a fold over flap and an elastic.



– Fabric, quilting cotton works fine if you use an interfacing, a heavier weight like canvas for main fabric works as well, in that case you can omit the interfacing. You need a 11 x 11″ square and a 11 x 7″ rectangle, of both main fabric and lining.

– Fusible interfacing, of the same sizes as the fabric.

– Fold over elastic, just 11″

– Usual sewing notions, such as pins, matching thread, chalk or other non-permanent marker, scissors or cutter.

If you’d like to make the notebooks yourself, as I did, you’ll need an A4 piece of cardstock and circa five pieces of regular A4 paper for the pages.



First, iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the main fabric. Place the small rectangle on top of the large on, matching up three sides and right sides together, as pictured above.


Stitch along the three matching sides, with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Clip the two corners. Sew the lining together in the same way.


Turn the main fabric right side out and place it inside the lining pouch, as pictured above. The two pouches are right sides together. Pin along the open edges, the two long ones and two short ones, where main fabric and lining meet.


Stitch along these sides, leaving a few inches open at the top, as can be seen at the picture above. Clip corners, the two outer ones. Clip the two inner corners as well, making one cut from the seam allowance to the corner in your stitching. Make sure you don’t cut through your stitches.


Turn the pouch right sides out. Press.


Topstitch along the edges you have just sewn, thus closing your turning opening as well.


Place the pouch in front of you and mark a line halfway the pouch (the most right one on the photo above). Divide the left part into five equal sections. Topstitch along the lines you just marked, thus dividing the pouch into segments, the righthand one for the notebooks, the left one into five segments for pencils. Make sure you secure your stitching well, at the beginning and end of each line!


Make a loop of your elastic, as pictured above. I prefer to keep the shining side on the outside, but of course that’s just a matter of preference.


Pin the elastic loop at the stitching line, the one that is at the center of your pouch. The picture above shows a close up, the picture below shows where to place the elastic. Since you’ll fold part of the pouch over before closing, you’ll need to place the elastic at 4″ from the bottom of the pouch, not quite at the center.


Stitch the elastic into place, making sure the stitches are falling into the previous stitching lines.


The pouch is finished!


If you’d like to make the small notebooks yourself, cut the cardstock and paper in halves, thus creating A5 size pieces.


Fold these in halves again and place them on top of eachother.



Stitch along the fold line, with a straight stitch and a slightly longer stitch length. I used a length 4. If you use a small length, the paper or cardstock might tear.


Place the supplies in the pouch…


… fold the top flap down…



… and close the pouch to take it with you on a lovely summer adventure!

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