Leather Key Fob Tutorial

Need a super fast, easy, functional gift to give to the dads in your life this Father’s Day? I have one for you!


Wondering where to get some leather? I found mine at Hobby Lobby. I am using scraps from making the Tiny Toes Shoes. You can also use a scrap of 1″ nylon webbing for this project. Just be sure to seal the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying.



  • scrap of leather 1″x10″
  • 1 1/4″ key ring
  • 1″ swivel clasp
  • leather needle (optional, I did not need one, but your machine may be pickier.)

Take your leather piece and fold in half with one end extending 1 1/4″ farther than the other. Slip the key ring in place. (Pinning will leave holes in your leather. I recommend using wonder clips. If you don’t have any, binder clips work well also.)


From the right side, sew around the two long sides 1/8″ from the edge and 1 5/8″ from the end of the short end opposite of the key ring.


Using a zipper foot so that you can get close to the key ring, stitch two rows of stitching securing the key ring into place.


Slip the swivel clasp onto the other end of the key fob. Fold the extended end over the edge of the shorter end securing the clasp. The folded piece should measure approx 1″ long.


From the right side, use your zipper foot and stitch two rows of stitching securing clasp into place.


From the right side, stitch the end of the extended piece into place using the regular foot on your machine.


And that’s it!! See? Wasn’t the fast!!


You could pair this with a car wash kit, or a gift certificate to a local detailer or car wash for the hands off dad. Or get the kids involved! Older kids can make a gift certificate good for “One Free Car Wash” and wash dad’s car for him as a Father’s Day gift. A money clip, new wallet or business card holder would also make nice pairings if you want to make a gift set up. Of course, nothing says these are just for dads. I won’t tell if you make one up for yourself just because. 😉


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