Happy Feet Hack for Summer!

Happy Feet Hack

Hey there!! It’s slowly getting warmer in northern Alberta, and my little girl is in need of some new jammies. Now, I’m know that there are summer pajama patterns already out there, but sometimes you just want to use what you’ve got (also, the Happy Feet pattern doesn’t require ANY HEMMING!). So I took the Happy Feet pattern and modified them to springish/cool summer night pajamas. Here’s how:

I started by taking some length off the pants. Now, you could also do these as a capri or shorts length, but I chose to just make them pants, with a little growing room. I cut out a size 4. You can see that I cut out the original pattern. Then I drew in a new line (it’s blue), just above the curve. That is my new cut line! Cut both legs like this.

Happy Feet Hack

For the sleeves, this is more personal taste (or if you have the Grand Slam pattern, you could go by that) and I went with a longer short sleeve. Here is my new cut line (in blue):

Happy Feet Hack

Now, you’re probably thinking…”how do I figure out how to make the cuffs for the legs and arms, now that Sarah’s had me mess with my pattern?” Good question! When I’m adding arm cuffs or any kind of band to a pattern that doesn’t have a cutting chart (this pattern does, but because we’re changing and adding things, you have to revamp the lengths of these cuffs), I like to go with a 75%  measurement. So if my pant leg (before sewing together) is about 8 inches wide, I want my cuff to be around 6″ wide. Here’s an example:

Happy Feet Hack

If your fabric doesn’t have great recovery, you may need to make them just a bit smaller even. Stretch it to fit the leg width and if it reaches, and springs back just fine, you’re good to go!

I did the same kind of thing for the sleeve cuffs, since they need to be a bit larger than the cutting guide measurement for long sleeves.

Other than that, it was smooth sailing. This pattern is by far the quickest two-piece set I can sew! I always hate getting my double needle out and hemming knits…also, I think I broke all of my double needs. That darn needle default setting!

Happy Feet Hack

Oh, and those pants are made out of lightweight flannel! It’s cotton, so I know it will be fine for these cooler spring nights. I think this pattern makes a really cute pant pattern with those cuffs on the bottom! Now go hack your pattern!

Happy Feet Hack

Happy Sewing!

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