Teach your Child to Read the EASY Way

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Reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child! When my daughter was 4.5 we could tell she was ready to learn to read but had no idea where to start. I’m so happy we stumbled across The Reading Lesson!


The Reading Lesson promises to “Teach your child to read in 20 easy lessons”


It definitely took us more than 20 sittings (the lessons are quite long) but it worked! Anne really enjoyed it and went from a basic knowledge of letters and sounds to reading at a 2nd grade level in 6 months. You can see her poor book received a lot of love 🙂 We will definitely be buying another copy in a couple years for her little brother


My tips for using the book:

– Make sure your child is ready: great checklist here
-Trust that it will work and stick with it: we went through a frustrating phase of her sounding out words but not hearing what she was saying. We just kept at it though and by the time we hit about Chapter 6 it clicked. Based on other reviews that’s really common so don’t panic or get discouraged
– Do it everyday if possible: It really does help to be consistent. We missed a couple weeks over the holidays but for the most part did a few pages a day
-Lay on the praise!


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  1. so weird I just bought this book today on a whim I’m so glad I did I’ve heard nothing but good things can’t wait to get Elsie started on it.

    1. We really loved it! I had no idea how to teach a child to read and this made it super easy. Have fun with it!

  2. My youngest of 4 just graduated to reading chapter books and it still puts a smile on my face to see her reading. Really it comes down to consistency and reading EVERY day with your kids, in my opinion. When they wanted to start sounding our words, I’d start pointing out words on the pages we were reading for them to read. Then we moved on to sentences, paragraphs, pages…until they were reading a whole book to me. Of course I started doing this with early readers like Dr. Seuss or Frog and Toad and then moved up as they progressed.
    The one thing I did learn is that every child is different! My first was reading Magic Tree House at the age of 4 and went into kindergarten reading at a 5th grade level. My second didn’t even start reading until the end of kindergarten/beginning of first grade…but you know what? He was at the same level by 2nd grade that the older one had been in 2nd grade….it is a love of reading that keeps them progressing. It was the same way with my 2 girls. The first was reading Little Women in 1st grade, the younger just finished reading My Father’s Dragon. I know that they all LOVE to read and that is the most important thing…not what level they are on.

    1. So true!! They all learn at their own pace and as long as they are loving it and learning that’s all that matters to me.

  3. Wow – so awesome Anne – congrats! We use the Phonics Learn to Read App on the ipad and it has worked well and been lots of fun.

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