Find A Budget System That Works for You

What comes to mind when you hear the word “budget”? I’m afraid budgeting sometimes comes with a negative association, reminding you that you can’t just spend money frivolously. Bummer, right? I actually love budgeting. Tracking my spending and determining what I do and do not want to spend money on allows me to cut out excesses and save funds¬†for the things I really want. I love it when I get to the end of the month and have extra room left in one of my budget categories. That means I can put that extra away in my “fun” fund to spend later on a vacation, a family outing, or, one of my personal favorites, new craft supplies! For budgeting to be successful, you have to find a system that works for you. Here are a few different ideas:

1. I personally like tracking my budget electronically. This post from Penny Pinchin Mom has 10 great budgeting apps:


2. This post from Northern Cheapskate has great advice on the difference between tracking spending & budgeting.


3. Do you have an inconsistent paycheck? Try this post from First Home Love Life.


4. Hate budgeting? This post from Premeditated Leftovers is for you.


5. Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System is very popular. Thrifty Little Mom tells you how to get started.


6. The Savvy Blonde uses a system similar to the envelope system, but she uses checking accounts instead of cash.


7. The Budget Mama explains the 50/20/30 budget


8. The Clean Mama will help you get a budgeting and filing system organized.


9. The Busy Budgeter uses a calender-based budget.


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