Spring Cleaning and Fabric Organization for Sewing Space

Spring is Here. Here’s a few ideas on how to Organize Fabric, Service Your Sewing Machine, and Clean Up Your Sewing Space!

Let’s get cleaned up so we can get back to sewing!

1. Service your Machines

All of this little bits of thread and fabric can add up to a lot of dust! Get out your manual and read up on how to properly maintain your machine. This step-by-step guide over at Make It and Love It has lots of helpful pictures.

2. Fabric Organization: Time to Sort your fabric stash

photo via Zora O’Neill

The first step is admitting you have a problem right? Having fabric on hand for projects is great but chances are your stash has multiplied while your back was turned and it’s time to let some of it go. But what should you do with it?

We’re going to form 3 piles:

1. To Sell: yardage and usable scraps that you can actually imagine someone wanting. Designer fabrics and custom prints that are hard to find are easy to sell

  • Host your own destash on facebook, etsy or Instagram
  • List your Fabric in a destash group on Facebook. For smaller scraps and low price fabrics I find they often sell best as a bundle that will fit into a Padded Flat Rate Envelope
  • Know the rules and the lingo: If you are selling in a group make sure you read the rules for posting. Common terms you need to know:
    • PPD: postage paid domestic. This means the price includes shipping. I find things sell better if shipping is included
    • HTF/VHTF: hard to find, very hard to find
    • FRE: flat rate envelope
    • PFRE: padded flat rate envelope
    • MFRB: medium flat rate box
    • LFRB: large flat rate box

2. To Donate: Good condition but it’s outdated and probably not worth your time to sell. Most thrift stores accept fabric or you can search for charities in your area that might be able to use the fabric for quilts and other humanitarian projects

3. To Trash: Anything too tiny/stained to use. I sometimes save a few pieces for cleaning rags or for my toddlers to have fun cutting

3. Organize Your Fabric


Different systems work for different people. No matter what system you choose make sure you allow some room for your stash to grow a bit or you’ll have fabric piles on the floor again in no time! Here’s a few of my favorite methods from my own studio and around the web:

Comic Book Boards

I use this method for a good portion of my stash and it works great! They fit so well on a bookshelf and you can easily see what you have on hand.

Roll It

My knit stash is quickly growing out of control and I’ve started rolling a lot of them. They’re easy to see and I can pull one “log” out without disturbing the whole pile. Get the how-to on my Ironing Station

File It

Keep your fabric neat and tidy in a filing cabinet! Get the how-to over at The Thinking Closet
Filing Fabric & Fabric Organization Round-Up | The Thinking Closet

Hang It

Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous hangs smaller cuts on a curtain rod. Bonus- it doubles as wall art!
organizing craft supplies

4. Color Code It

For all of my small scraps I like to sort by color so they’re easy to find for applique, trim, etc. I fold them up and store them in little bins but you could also use shoe boxes or gallon size bags

Stay tuned for my favorite tips on organizing patterns!


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  1. I will try to post what I have. I took a lot with my phone and my phone broke but I think I have one that survived after punittg on the hair but before making the clothes. Hopefully, my friend made pictures and will send from Peru. I gave the doll to their baby girl. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your technique! (PS- I sent you some pics taken with my cell phone but they aren’t as good as ones my friend may send me. I was too? busy packing and forgot to take good shots)

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