Raglan Sew-Off: “Dolly and Me” style

Dolly & Me Raglans

Hey there! It’s Sarah from The Crazy Tailor here with another take on the Grand Slam Raglan! This is by far one of my most often used patterns. It’s so versatile and easily customized. I decided to keep this one pretty true to the pattern (if you know me, that doesn’t happen often! See examples here, here and here.) but added a little freezer paper stenciling to change things up a bit!

Raglan Sew-off

I did a “bee” happy design for J’s shirt and a puppy dog for the dolly shirt. I asked J what she wanted and then went from there. This is one way to get some participation from the younger kiddos, but not end up with totally ghastly fabric combinations 😉

Once the stencils were cut out, I ironed them on to the shirts, and put some cardboard inside each shirt. You can find in-depth tutorials on freezer-paper stenciling all over the internet, so I won’t go into very much detail on this here. I gave a little squirt of paint to J, and after she saw me paint the big shirt, she got started! I just used acrylic craft paint, and haven’t had any problems with it after a few washes. You could use fabric paint if you want to be on the safe side.

raglan sew off

This was something she really enjoyed! I’ll have to do it more often, I guess 🙂 I let them dry a little bit and then peeled off the paper, and we had some cute little shirts!

I gave them a good press with a hot iron (cover the painted part with some parchment paper first) and it was time to model them!

raglan sew-off

I used a white knit for the front and a polka dot for the back. The sleeves are from a thrifted chunk of mint green mystery knit – but too pretty a color to pass up! The only slight change I made to the original Grand Slam pattern was to dip the back hem down a bit. I was actually going to do it for the front too, but I forgot. Ha. This is the size 3T athletic fit, and it should fit her through the summer nicely! The dolly pattern is something I drafted – it’s not perfect, so if you want to give it a go, please be kind 😉 You can download the free pattern here, and assemble it using the same instructions as the Grand Slam. The only difference is that you’ll want to hem those teeny sleeves before you sew up your side seams! It’s more of a nightshirt size on the 15″ doll, but can be easily shortened. Also, be sure to try the neckband over the lucky doll recipient’s head before sewing it on, to be sure it will fit – you may have to adjust the length depending on the type of doll you are sewing for.

raglan sew off

Make these raglans your own! You can freezer-paper stencil, embroider, do some applique – such a great starting place for creativity!

Raglan Sew-Off

This shirt is quite appropriate for this girl!

Raglan Sew-off

Have you sewn up a Grand Slam or Rainier? Join us over on the Peekaboo group page for a little friendly competition!

raglan sew off

Happy Sewing!

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