Free Sock Monkey Patterns

Sock Monkeys and sock animals in general have always been a favorite of mine. Their unique style can really make an heirloom stuffed animal or that special stuffed animal for your little one. Instead of designing my own, I found that there are just some awesome free sock monkey patterns throughout the web! Enough talk, it’s time to get to work sewing or crocheting. Here’s my favorite FREE sock monkey patterns from around the web!

1. Free Rockford Sock Monkey Pattern from Vintage Patterns 


2. Free Sock Monkey Pattern from Craft Passion.


3. Free Sock Monkey Pattern From Lilleliis.

Sock Monkey

4. Free Sock Monkey Pattern from Craft With Confidence


5. Amigurumi Free Sock Monkey Pattern from Craft Passion.


Sock Monkey Patterns and Tutorial

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