Love Banner Tutorial

I absolutely love to make banners. I have no clue why, I just do. Banners are fun, fast projects. They make fabulous props for photos. They are a fun way to add some color to a blank wall. And they are easy to change out every month to keep the decor fresh. For February, I knew I needed a new love banner.


To make this banner, you will need

Unbleached cotton muslin fabric 9″ wide by the width of the fabric (or you can purchase pre cut banner triangles)

Assorted ribbons to make tassels

3/8″ ribbon for hanging the banner

Fabric rose embellished ribbon

Freezer paper

Fabric paint or acrylic paint

Glitter canvas sheet


Sew machine, optional

Let’s cut our banner triangles. I used triangles measuring 7″ across the short top edge and 9″ tall.

Cut a piece of unbleached muslin fabric 9″ tall and the width of the fabric. I cut on the fold to make it easier.


Now, measure out your triangles. If you didn’t have your fabric folded for cutting, fold your fabric with the short, selvage edges together and the fold along the left side. Along the top edge of your fabric, starting at the far left, measure and mark every 7″. Along the bottom, starting on the left, measure and mark your first mark 3 1/2″ from the fold and then mark every 7″ for the next two marks.


Using a straight edge, create a line from the top edge down to the first mark along the bottom edge. Cut.


Continue cutting connecting the top marks to the bottom marks.


After you are done cutting, you should have 11 triangles and two scrap pieces. You will need 8 triangles for this project. Save the others for another project.


To make the glitter heart applique, draw a heart onto the paper side of a piece of heat n bond. I traced a heart I printed off.


Cut the heart out with space around it and iron to the back of the glitter canvas sheet.


After you iron the heart onto the canvas sheet, cut it out along the line you drew.


Peal the paper side of the heat n bond off and place the heart onto a triangle. Cover with a pressing cloth and iron into place on high heat. You can stitch the heart into place using a straight stitch on the sewing machine if you would like, after you iron it into place.



Freezer paper stencil the letters L, V, and E onto three triangles. I used the font  LD Cotton Candy. You can find my tutorial on freezer paper stenciling here on my blog Handmade Boy.


After all your triangles are decorated, hot glue them to 3/8″ ribbon to hang. I have 18″ of ribbon before I place my first triangle for hanging. Leave approximately one inch between each triangle for the ribbon tassels. I glued my ribbon to the back of the triangles.


Make sure to put your letters in the correct order!


Cut strips of ribbon approx 10″ long. You don’t have to be exact here. Stack the ribbons together and find the middle.


Place the ribbon stack in between the triangles and tie a single overhand knot with the group of ribbons to form a tassel.


Tie a bundle of ribbons in between each set of triangles.


Next, hot glue your decorative rose ribbon to the top of the banner. I don’t apply glue to the ribbon knots, just the tops of the triangles. That’s it! You’re finished!


To hang my banners, I use command strips on the backs of clothes pins. I cut one strip in half and put each half onto the back of a clothes pin. Follow the instructions for the strips on the package for hanging.


And there you have it, a simple banner to decorate for Valentine’s Day.


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