Photography Friday & Project 365!

This year I decided to participate in Project 365 as a chance to practice my photography skills and try to capture more of those everyday moments with my children. They are growing up so fast and I want to remember this fun and crazy stage of our lives!

I will be posting here every Friday (well almost…I already missed one) with a few favorite photos from the week and anything I learned while shooting. If you have constructive criticism please feel free to share! I’m here to learn 🙂

My specific goals:

  • Nail Focus
  • Improve indoor photography skills
  • Work on my creative eye

An assortment from weeks 1 and 2 (all shot with my 35 mm lens)

IMG_2217ISO 800    f/2.2    SS 1/50
If I could take this again I definitely would’ve used a faster shutter speed and cranked up the ISO to compensate. Focus is also slightly off but I love it anyway

IMG_2269bwISO 1600    f/4      ss 1/30
In his dimly lit room I used a super slow shutter speed to let in as much light as possible

IMG_2273ISO 1600     f/2      ss 1/160

IMG_2320ISO 1600     f/2     ss 1/125

IMG_2391bwISO 1600      f/2     SS 1/160

IMG_2460ISO 400     f/2    SS 1/160
On this shot I also used my external flash and bounced it off the ceiling so with the added light I was able to use a much lower ISO. Lower ISO….less grain 🙂

IMG_2497ISO 1600     f/2.5       SS 1/50
In the dark bathroom this would’ve been a good time to get out the external flash. Then I could’ve used a faster SS and narrowed my depth of field making it easier to get both boys sharply in focus. Sometimes though you just have to take advantage of the moment real quickly and I’m happy with what I managed to get 🙂

I hope this inspires you to pick up your camera and start shooting!

Check out my Photography Tutorials for help getting started

And again I’m here to learn too so any helpful tips you have to share please feel free to comment!

2 Responses

  1. With the first photo i would suggest rather than bumping the iso if you bumped the aperture down to 2.8 or the like would be better than the iso. The scene doesn’t need the sharp photo on the subject as it helps “tell the story”.

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