Last Minute Gifts for Toddlers

Have some toddlers on your gift list this year? With these fun sewing projects you can make a gift they’re sure to love in 15 minutes!

The “I Spy” Game and the Fabric Marble Maze – two tutorials for quick last minute gifts for toddlers!

Christmas is just around the corner! I am so excited, I love this season!

If you are anything like me you are by now sewing up a bunch of last minute Christmas gifts. Well, to be honest I am just starting to sew all my gifts this week… But let’s not talk about the fact that I only have one week left, shall we? 🙂 I am choosing quick and cute gifts to sew for everyone – women, men and kids – and for every age.

Today I am sharing two super quick fabric games for toddlers! Truth be said, for young kids too. My two oldest have 7 and 5 years-old and they loved both games!

First, we will be looking at how to make an “I Spy” game and then on how to make a marble maze game! They are guaranteed fun and hours of entertainment for all the toddlers on your family on Christmas dinner, on a waiting room, restaurants and road trips!

The “I Spy” Fabric Game Tutorial


  • 2 squares measuring 8”x8” of oilcloth or laminated fabric
  • 1 square measuring 8”x8” of clear vinyl
  • Polysterene (styrofoam) beads
  • Small trinkets (game pieces, magnet alphabet letters, small toys, buttons)



1. Cut all squares. Mark a square on one of the oilcloth squares, at the center and about 1 inch from the edge. Cut this center square with a rotary cutter. You will have a frame piece now.

2. Place the vinyl square on the wrong side of the frame piece and sew together about 1/4” from the center edge. You will have a window piece now.

3. Place the other oilcloth square wrong sides together with the window piece you have just sewn previously. Sew together on three sides only, about 1/4” from the outside edge.

4. Fill the pouch with the trinkets and styrofoam beads.

5. Close the opening by stitching 1/4” from the outside edge. Round the corners and trim the vinyl between the two layers of oilcloth. Since the oilcloth and laminated fabrics don’t fray you can leave the edges raw.

You’re done!

Tip: You can take a photo of all the little trinkets and print it on a small card so the children will know which objects to look for.

You can use quilting cotton but I would recommend using batting on the closed side and personally I prefer using oilcloth or laminated cotton because it is more durable and you can easily wipe it clean.

The Marble Maze Game Tutorial


  • 2 squares of 10”x10” of oilcloth or laminated fabric
  • one marble


1. Place both squares wrong sides together all around – a few inches before the end put the marble inside (between both layers) and push it to the opposite corner.

2. With a tailor’s chalk mark the maze lines and stitch along the lines. Make sure to space the lines so the marble can move in between them. (Don’t ask, okay?… 🙂 ) Tip: I have looked for mazes on the web so I could design mine. You’re done!

Aren’t these two games so easy to make? They take 10-15 minutes each! Perfect for last minute gifts, right?

Please let me know if you need anything. I will be glad to help. And make sure to show us your fabric games made from these tutorials. We would love to see them!

Have a merry Christmas!

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  1. Love the marble game! Such a great gift idea. Now to see if I can squeeze some of them into my already behind sewing pile!! Thanks for sharing.

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