How to Sew Cuffs: Pajamas Sew Along Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Pajamas Sew Along! Today we’re going to learn how to sew cuffs 🙂
How to Sew Cuffs

Once you get the hang of it I promise you will LOVE them! So much quicker then hemming! If you’re sewing the Alex & Anna PJs, Happy Feet, Classic Footed PJs, or Lil’ Long Johns this tutorial is for you 🙂

1. Fold your cuff in half so the shorter edges line up. This is the length dimension in your cutting chart. Sew together.


2. Now we’re going to fold the cuff so it’s double thickness. I like to pinch the seams together (wrong sides together) so they’re lined up nicely


3. And then I wrap one edge around so the cuff is double thickness. The seam will be on the inside. Now it’s ready to attach to your sleeves or pants!


4. With your project right side out slide the cuff over the sleeve/pant leg and line up the seams. You will need to stretch the cuff to fit. I generally don’t pin as I find they just get in the way. Cuffs are easiest to sew with your presser foot inside the cuff. Even itty bitty newborn cuffs can be sewn this way.


5. If you used your serger thread the tail end through the stitching with a yarn needle to keep it from unraveling.


6. Flip it down and you’re done! If you used knit you can give it a quick press (don’t press fleece or it will melt).


Quick and easy!

And since they’re too adorable not to share here’s the finished pair of PJs!


Happy Feet Pajamas in a size 2t
Flannel bottoms and top front and back with fleece sleeves and cuffs

Come back tomorrow for help sewing the perfect waistband!

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Amy just a quick question i have the footed pajama s pattern and the happy feet pajama looks so cute it is it worth buying it as a separate pattern or can i just cut the footed jammies at the waist, not really sure how to go about it


    1. The Happy Feet include a top and a bottom. I think it’s worth having the separate pattern to save yourself the hassle of figuring out the rise but you probably could make it work with some tweaking along the way

  2. Amy, I need help in printing off the Alex & Anna PJ’s. The 1″ square is just a hair over 7/8’s not 1″. What do I need to do to set my printer up to get the 1″ square? Please advise.
    Thank you

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