Time to Finish those Overalls and Win some Prizes!!

It’s time to finish up those overalls! I wrapped things up with my pair yesterday 🙂

Once you finish sewing make sure you enter to win some prizes! 

You can enter to win on Facebook and Instagram (and yes you can enter both ways for more chances to win!). Make sure you get your entry in by Monday morning

On Facebook: Upload your Finished Photo to the Okey Dokey Overalls or Oopsy Daisy Overalls Jumper Album 

On Instagram: Use hashtags #okeydokeyoveralls or #oopsydaisyjumper and #peekaboopatternshop


Sew Along Winners for $20 store credit to Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop will be chosen for both the Okey Dokey and Oopsy Daisy for each category:
1. Fan Favorite on Facebook: Based on number of photo likes
2. Designer Fav on Facebook
3. Random Draw from Facebook and Instagram

That’s 8 chances to win!!!

Let’s get these finished! I’ve heard the side seams having caused trouble for some of you so let’s take a look. Make sure you get your side seams lined up and stick to your 1/2″ seam allowance. Stop sewing when you reach the bottom of the front facing. I like to button my front and back together to make sure everything will line up well through there and then pin down.


When you open up the side seam you might have a little gap and that’s fine. When you topstitch it will get closed up.

Now just hem and throw them on a cute kiddo and you’re all done!IMG_0568

I hope you had fun!!

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