Overalls Sew Along Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the Sew Along!

Catching Up?

Day 1: Choosing your size & fabric, cutting
Day 2: Pockets
Day 3: Faux Fly & Bib

Today we’re going to assemble the back of the overalls. I know the back button tab is a common trouble spot so I have new photos for you in a different fabric. Sometimes seeing things twice is helpful 🙂

1. Press the bottom edge of the button tab up 1/2″ towards the wrong side. Lay the button tab on top of your side seam (remember you should have already finished that edge to prevent fraying) with the top edge 1/2″ above the top of the back piece. Sew in place along the side seam


2. Now here’s the spot that seems to cause some trouble 🙂 We’re going to fold the button tab back against itself and then sew across the top edge


See the rest of the button tab under there? The fold meets up with the seam line from the last step.IMG_0214

3. All good? Now turn it right side out and topstitchIMG_0215

Today we’re also doing straps. When you attach the straps to the back accent make sure your seams at the corner are right up against the edge of your strap. If you need to take a slight larger/smaller seam allowance up at the top corner that’s just fine (this can happen if your strap seam allowances, or cutting job wasn’t spot on). Make sure you stick to the 1/2″ seam allowance down at the bottom though so it will match up with the back of your overalls


Finish up that back piece and tomorrow we’ll wrap things up!

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