How to Sew a Faux Fly: Sew Along Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of the sew along! Today we’re going to learn how to sew a faux fly!

Catching Up?

Day 1: Choosing your size & fabric, cutting
Day 2: Pockets

The jumper doesn’t have a faux fly so if you’re making that option you can skip right on over and get your bib attached and you’ll be ready for day 4! ¬†This is the faux fly of the Okey Dokey Overalls but these same steps will work on most projects.

1. Sew your front pieces together starting at the crotch and continuing around the curve of your fly. This section is a little tricky to finish the edges so if you’re using a serger I recommend disengaging your knife to avoid any accidents

2. Now flip your piece over so you’re looking at the wrong side. Make sure the center front seam is straight
3. Then fold the fly piece over to the left and press flat.

4. Flip it back over to the right side. Extend the fly and top stitch along the fold in your fly. This portion is optional

Make sure everything is laying flat and top stitch along the edge of the fly and continue top stitching down the center front seam allowance. And that’s it!
If you’re working with a pattern that doesn’t have a faux fly and you’d like to add one just draw a fly extending out from the center front and follow these steps

Finish attaching your bib and come back tomorrow and we’ll get the back of the overalls assembled!

3 Responses

  1. are you able to upload the constructing of the pockets and facings for the jumper version

  2. I just finished a corduroy version of the okey dokey overalls in size 12 months for my granddaughter and they are wonderful! I like this pattern better than the 80’s simplicity pattern I used for her mother’s overalls and I am quite fond of that pattern. This is jumping ahead in the sewalong but I made a facing for the bottom hem in a contrasting fabric so the bottom of the pants could be rolled up to increase growing room. I worked well.

    I would love a jumper version of the pattern.

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