Bandana Bib Pattern

Bandana Druel Bib

Keep your adorable, drool monster clean and dry with this free bandana bib pattern! The bandana bib Pattern is free when you subscribe to our newsletter or join our facebook group  (pattern coupon code in New Subscriber E-mail or on first post in Facebook Group).

The Bandana Bib pattern is so quick and easy you’ll have a stack sewn up in no time! If your baby’s are anything like mine – they go through bib’s quickly and may need several replacements a day. Sometimes it’s nice to have a more intense bib – like the Ultimate Baby Bib. Other times, it’s nice to just get the baby in something quick and easy like the bandana bib. A baby’s gotta have some options after all 🙂
bandana druel bib

Still need a Halloween costume for your little one? Sew one of these bandana bib’s up, grab a cowboy hat, and you’re set to have a little cowboy!

bandana druel bib

I added a pearl snapper in back to complete our western look but any snap or velcro will work just fine to complete your western look!

bandana bib

Let’s sew a drool bib!

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For each bib you’ll need 1/4 yard fabric in 2 prints (they’re reversible) and a snap or some velcro. If you want your print on the diagonal you’ll need a 1/3 yard. I used flannel for both layers but any soft absorbent material is a good choice. For great fabric choices, check out my shop

1. With right sides together sew your 2 pieces together leaving a 2-3″ gap along one straight edge for turning. Trim your seam allowance at each corner.

bandana bib pattern

2. Turn right side out and press flat. Tuck in your raw edges and topstitch around all edges. bandana bib pattern

3. Add a snap and you’re done!bandana bib pattern

3 Responses

  1. Hi Amy! When making these which kind of fabrics would you reccomend to ensure that they are drool effective ive used cotton and i’m wondering what i should use for the back side or should i line it with flannel?

    1. I think the most effective would be flannel with a PUL backing. I just did flannel on both sides and that’s been working pretty well

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