Kristoff Inspired Costume Tutorial

Don’t leave out the boys in the Frozen fun! With this Kristoff inspired Costume Tutorial you’ll have your little guy ready for Halloween or everyday dress-up fun in no time!
DIY Kristoff Costume Tutorial

I just love this so much on my little blondie! Now he just needs some boots πŸ˜‰

Most of the costume is fleece so it actually sews up really quickly! I made his whole outfit in one day

And really with that face how could I say no?

Let’s get started!

First let’s talk patterns:

  • Tunic: I have a FREE pattern available for you in a size 2t. Pattern is free when you Subscribe to our Newsletter or Join our Facebook Group. Coupon Code is found in New Subscriber E-mail and/or the first post in our Facebook Group. Download it here. Tutorial is below
  • Pants: I used the Lullaby Line Pants in black fleece. This is a super quick sew or if you already have black pants in the closet you’re all set πŸ™‚
  • Shirt: I used the Grand Slam because it’s fast but any shirt pattern will do or layer with something you already own
  • Hat: I used the Snow Day Hat in grey fleece. This is seriously a 10 minute sew and can be made with leftovers from the tunic
  • Sash: 1 1/3 yards trim found at Joanns

Materials for a size 2t tunic:

  • 1/2 yard gray fleece
  • Scraps of red and purple felt for embellishing
  • 1/8 fur for the trim

1. Print out your patternΒ at 100% (make sure it’s not set to “shrink to fit”, etc.) and tape it together along the dashed lines. I didn’t include a taping guide but the pieces tile like this for the front:

1 Β 4
2 Β 5
3 Β 6

The back pieces just stack (1, 2, 3)

2. Embellish the front with your felt. Leave a 1/2″ seam allowance along the front neck (not v cut-out) for your seam allowance. I forgot to do this and had to move things over later

3. With right sides together (RST) sew the front and back together across the shoulder seams

4. Turn right side out and with RST sew the collar to the neckline

5. Cut a length of fur to 2″ longer than the neckline and 2.5″ wide. Fold the fur in half so the wrong sides are together. Position the fur on the wrong side of the neckline so the raw edges are hidden and the folded edge extends up. Topstitch in place with the ends overlapping at the v in the neckline. Trim any excess. This does have raw edges but my son didn’t seem to mind at all and since it’s just a costume I just left it. If the raw edges bother you, you can cut a 2nd collar piece and enclose things.

6. Cut strips of fur for each sleeve and topstitch using the same method as in step 5.

7. With RST sew up the side seam/sleeve inseam

8. Add fur trim to the bottom edge with the 2 ends overlapping at the point in front

Tie on a sash and you’re done!


Need to dress-up a few more kiddos?

Get the Olaf Tutorial
Elsa coming soon πŸ™‚

Happy Sewing πŸ™‚

16 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. You have made my boys SO happy!!!! After making my daughter an Elsa dress, my 5 year old and 2.5 year old sons wanted Kristoff outfits. I finished their costumes this afternoon using your tutorial. Thanks again!

  2. Did you use some kind of pattern to cut out the embellishments out of the red and purple felt? I didn’t see one, and I tried to free-hand it and it didn’t go so well (beginner here). If you did have something I could use to cut out the embellishments I would appreciate it so much if you would share it. Thank you! And thank you for providing this tutorial!!!

    1. I just free-handed it but you could trace it out on some paper first using the pattern neckline as the inside edge

  3. I think I did something wrong. I read in your instructions to tape six pieces together to make the front and three to make the back. When I download it there are only four pages for the front and two for the back. Also, What is “back piece 3,” “front piece 3,” and “front piece 6” for? I don’t see the use of any of those in your instructions. I’m sure I’m just confused!!

  4. This is the best costume of Kristoff I have seen so far! My daughter wants an Anna costume and so of course I have to make my son a Kristoff costume – but he’s 6 … I will take your advice in the comment above mine to find a t-shirt that fits him well and make a tunic from that. Can’t wait! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the Kristoff pattern. You saved the day! I had tried just winging it, but that hadn’t worked. I was able to rescue my fabric and use your pattern to fix everything. πŸ™‚

  6. Love this! Having to size it down to a 3mo. Any suggestions? Im brand new to sewing, just got mynfirst machine and thought making my 3mo a Halloween costume to match his big sisters who are Anna and Elsa would be easy with some felt and liquid stitches. Apparently liquid stitches don’t work so well on felt! So I’ll be attempting your pattern. Hope I can properly down size it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. I started from a t-shirt pattern so I’d grab a shirt that fits him well and use that as a guide to draw the general shape

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