How to Sew Patch Pockets: Overalls Sew Along Day 2

It’s time for Day 2 of the sew along and today we’re doing pockets! Need to catch up? Read Day 1.

Let’s start with the how to sew patch pockets for the bib pocket and back pockets


1. Fold the top edge over 1/4″ towards the wrong side of the fabric and press flatIMG_0487

2. Now fold the top edge over 1/2″ towards the right side of the fabric. IMG_0488

3. Sew the folds in place 1/2″ from the sides. trim the seam allowance at each cornerIMG_0489

4. Turn the top of the pocket right side out. Fold the sides and bottom edges in 1/2″ and press flat. I like to poke the top 2 corners out with a crochet hook to make sure they’re nice and square. Top stitch across the top edge. IMG_0490

5. Now fold the pocket in half and make sure your point meets right in the middle. Adjust if needed and now you have a perfectly symmetrical pocket!IMG_0491

6. Pin to your project and top stitch in place along the side and bottom edges

Today we’re also sewing the front slant pockets and front facings. Make sure you follow the instructions to finish the side seams before you attach the front facing. Come back tomorrow for day 3!


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