Baby Boy Bodysuit Tutorial

 I love mashing up patterns! Lately I’ve been mashing the Lullaby Line Bodysuit with the Grand Slam Tee to create a raglan baby boy bodysuit tutorial.

I may have gotten a bit carried away…


They just look so cute on him I can’t help myself! And they’re super quick and easy so you can sew up a stack in no time

I love that you get the coverage and ease of a bodysuit but the raglan sleeves give it a bit more of an outfit look. Perfect for color blocking too!

I don’t have a photo tutorial but here’s how I did it:

1. Print off the Lullaby Line Bodysuit and Grand Slam Tee and cut out in your desired size
2. Decide which fit you want- the bodysuit is more fitted and the tee is a bit looser. I went with the width of the bodysuit
3. Line up your pattern pieces at the bottom of the armpit and use the bodysuit pieces from the armpit down and the grand slam pieces from the armpit up. Use the grand slam sleeves and neck binding
4. If you went with the narrower width of the bodysuit like I did you’ll want to widen the neckline a bit so it will still pop over those cute baby noggins 🙂
5. If you want to add snaps to your raglan bodysuit check out this awesome tutorial from The Crazy Tailor

I hope you have as good of time making your baby boy bodysuit as I did.

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