T-Shirt Into Dress | Free Tutorial

Have a big t-shirt laying around? Turn it into a darling toddler dress with this t-shirt into dress tutorial!
t-shirt into dress

I bought this shirt (possibly a tunic?) on Wal-mart clearance for $2 with plans for turning it into a dress for my 4 year old. I love mixing up her wardrobe with color combos you wouldn’t normally find in her sizeIMG_9817

It’s super comfortable and easily passed the twirl test 🙂

We’ll be using the original neckline and sleeve hems so this dress sews up super quickly! I think we spent longer debating on a fabric choice for the pockets than I spent sewing this t-shirt into dress.

“Wait mom…I have one more smile for the camera!”

Grab a big tee and let’s get started with the t-shirt into dress!

1. Cut the sleeves off your tee


2. Using a dress or shirt as a guide cut out 2 sleeves and a front and back. To save time you’ll want to use the original sleeve hems. If you need to narrow the sleeves at all do that along the side with the seam (dotted lines show where I cut). I generally make my sleeves a bit wider across the sleeve top than I think I might need and then trim them to fit in step 4.  I cut my dress with a slight a-line shape. I used the existing neckline but chopped off a bit at each shoulder so it wouldn’t be too wide. If you prefer you can keep the hem instead and do a new neckline. step2 3. With right sides together (RST) sew front and back together at the shoulder seams. step3 4. With RST sew the sleeves into the arm openings. step4 5. With RST sew up the sleeve inseam and dress side seam. step5 6. Try the dress on and mark the natural waist. Add 4-5 rows of shirring. This gives the dress a bit more shape without losing the comfort factor. Never shirred? You might find this post helpfulstep6

7. Hem the bottom of the dress and if you’d like add some pockets 🙂

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Happy Sewing 🙂

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