Father’s Day Photo Idea

  Father’s Day is this week! Are you ready? Need a last minute idea?  This fun Father’s Day Photo is fun and easy!


First I had my kids make the letter “D”. This took us a few tries but eventually they held still 🙂 If you have a lot of kids you could use a different set of kiddos for each letterIMG_8371

Then the baby joined in the action to make the “A”

Then I put them all together. I decided to do black and white so their clothes weren’t so distracting. Then I just printed it off at home since it’s an odd shapedad
My 4 year old wrote “we love you” across the top and I popped it in a frame and it’s done!

5 Responses

  1. thats a great idea!! I’ve been doing collages with the kids holding the letters DAD, but it might be fun to have them make the letters ;o) Pinning!

  2. So cute! I had the kiddos do something similar last year. I had each kid hold a wooden letter that spelled out dad and put it in a frame that had 3 spaces.

      1. Hey Amy! What are the dimensions of the photo itself? Is the portion that was written on photo paper also ? Like one whole sheet of photo paper with the picture coveing only the bottom half? How exactly did you get three pictures to look like one whole picture ? Thanks!

        1. My photo was just shy of 11″ wide (due to printer margins) and maybe 4″ high. I just printed it at home on cardstock and my 4 year old wrote right above the photo

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