DIY Sandbox with Lid

My wonderful husband built this sandbox with a lid for the kids and they are loving it!DIY sandbox

 I love that it has a lid so we can close it up when we’re done and keep the sand clean and dry

And when it’s time to play again it’s ready and waiting 🙂

Now that summer has arrived we’ve also added a big beach umbrella for some shade

It’s the perfect spot for my little guy to dig and get dirty! We’ve had the sandbox for a couple months now and it’s still played in daily. A definite success!

I don’t have a detailed tutorial for you but here’s a look at it’s “bones” and a few tips:

– Our sand box is 4.5 x 3.5 feet and it’s a great size for 2-3 toddlers and all of their toys
-It took 12 bags of play sand to fill it up
-After the box was built we stained it which will help protect it from the elements and it looks great!
– The box has 2 grooves on the sides for the lid to slide in. The lid is a sheet of plywood cut to size with a handle

Happy digging!

2 Responses

  1. That looks like a great sandbox. I LOVE the cover on it how you’ve made sure it can’t be ‘persuaded’ by a neighborhood cat to fall off by being pushed. When my kids were small I had a huge tractor tire sandbox and always hated the little ‘surprises’ I’d find in there. ick.

    In looking closely at the dovetail, it looks like it could be a square board with a flat/wider one nailed on top to create the track for the lid. It also looks like you put a lot of wood glue or possibly Gorilla Glue or something between the boards to keep the weather out of the box. Great idea. Do you know what you did use between the boards? I”m wondering if the two I mentioned are waterproof or will withstand being in the elements and maybe you’ve used some type of caulking.

    Having three grandchildren, this would be great in our yard for them to have something to do outside. I kept some of my outside toys from when I had a licensed daycare so those are out in the play yard already. I’ve already told hubby I would really love to get a swingset. Of course, I’d LOVE to get one of those massive wood ones, but they are so expensive. ugh. Of course, they’re a bit more sturdy than the old metal sets too.

    Thanks for showing us the sandbox. It looks like a great one you really could make just about any size you wanted.

    1. My husband used wood glue to help secure a few things a bit better. It is nice to not have to worry about any “presents” getting left in it 🙂

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