Where to Buy Swimsuit Fabric

Ready to sew a swimsuit? On Monday we discussed swimsuit patterns and today we’re talking about what you’ll need to know when shopping for swimsuit fabric and where to buy swimsuit fabric! As always, the best one stop shop for all your swimsuit fabric shopping needs is Peekaboo Fabric Shop. We sell amazing custom patterned and solid fabric for swimsuits and board shorts! Sign-up below for our newsletter to get all the latest deals on our patterns and fabric as well as a head-up for swim fabric discounts!

Now back to the Swimsuit Fabric Buying Guide!

Buying Guide to Swimsuit Fabric

Swim Fabric 101

Check your pattern to see what supplies you will need. These will likely include: (1) Swim Fabric; (2) Swimsuit Lining; (3) Power Mesh; (4) Swimsuit Elastic; and/or (5) Board Short Fabric.

In more detail, here’s a basic breakdown of each component that may be required for your swimsuit:

1. 4-way stretch nylon or lycra blends (swim fabric): Find it a Peekaboo Fabric Shop

This fabric feels just like a suit you’d pick up at the store. It stretches in all directions and is cool and slippery to the touch. This is what you’ll use for any of the girls suits, the Aloha Burn Blocker, Hang Ten Rash Guard and the Monaco Swim Trunks

2. Swimsuit Lining: Find it at Peekaboo Fabric Shop

Lightweight poly blend with 4 way stretch. Generally comes in white, nude or black

3. Power Mesh: Find it at Peekaboo Fabric Shop

Lightweight and stretchy poly blend. Can be used for the optional lining in boys board shorts

4. Swimsuit Elastic: Find it at Peekaboo Fabric Shop

Comes in varying widths and is either clear or cotton. Swimsuit elastic is designed to stand-up to saltwater and chlorine without becoming brittle. You can use regular elastic  instead just make sure to rinse the suit out after each use. I typically use regular elastic for boys shorts since it’s hard to find swimsuit elastic in wider widths.

5. Board Short Fabric/Micro Fiber: Find it at Peekaboo Fabric Shop

Polyester woven fabric. Dries quickly and is perfect for boys board shorts.

That about covers the basics of swim fabric and what materials may or may not be required for your specific sewing swimsuits. If you further questions join the Peekaboo Fabric Shop Facebook Group for advise or to see how others have put their swim fabric, swimsuit lining, swim elastic, board fabric, etc. to use to sew amazing swimsuits.

I hope that helps on where to buy swimsuit fabric and what to look for when buying it. Happy Swimsuit Sewing! Share the image below on Pinterest!

Buying Guide to Swimsuit Fabric

23 Responses

  1. SyFABRICS.com I have also had some great buys from Sew Sassy Fabrics. Both of these sites are great for solids and syFabrics offers Remnant Lots which are great for small projects.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I’m having the hardest time finding the white mesh lining used for boys swim shorts. Any idea where i can find this material?

  3. Thank you for the fabric resources! I’m actually making an adult swimsuit rather than a kids… but I’ve given it a try once before and after looking for swimsuits that fit poorly and are low-quality I’m willing to try again!
    The Fabric Fairy has some great choices!

  4. Spandex House has one of the largest selections of swimwear fabrics (thousands of options) including regular swimwear fabric, stretch mesh, stretch lace, stretch faux leather, stretch velvet, cotton knits- basically anything with a stretch ( and even some woven/ non-stretch fabrics.) They also sell elastics as well.

    Price Point is $8 for most solids and around $13 for the prints. They offer wholesale pricing as well for orders of 15 yards and up.

    They also have a brick and mortar location in NYC.

  5. On a recent trip to Miami, (I’m from PA), I purchased some swimwear fabric at Nunez Fabrics in downtown Miami. They had a great selection of prints imported from Spain. Unfortunately they do not have a website, so you would have to go to their store. Fabric Depot in Portland, OR also has a nice selection including lining.

  6. This post is fantastic…..and so full of relative information! We’ve not sewn swimwear yet, but you answered many of our questions in this write-up :)! THANK YOU!

  7. If anyone has places to buy in the uk would be very much appreciated as I’m struggling

  8. Just a thought but I know several bloggers have used that stretch ruffled fabric for swimwear as well.

    1. I’ve actually done that and completely forgotten about it! Thanks for throwing that idea out there 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! I knew about some places but not this many! Since I haven’t sewn with swim wear fabric I’m hesitant to buy, particularly for board shorts. The last thing I need is see through swim suits for my girls and board shorts for my son!

    1. Haha too true! I know The Fabric Fairy stuff is nice and thick since I use it a lot 🙂 If you do end up with something thin though you can always line it

  10. I have also good luck finding swim fabric on ebay when you buy from a fabric shop that has an ebay shop (I got some of the purple/pink chevron print and lavendar solid fabric just like the tankini above for less than $6 a yard) and I have gotten a great deal on swim elastic from the lace and trims store on there. Also Etsy is a good source for unique prints!

  11. Wow, That is the BEST fabric write up I have ever seen, Thank you so much for the research and being so detailed. I get so confused when I walk into a store and have no idea where to look, or look online and have no idea what to ask for. This is why I continually buy your patterns!

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