Boardwalk Sew Along Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Sew Along! Need to catch up?

Day 1: Choosing Your Size, Fabric & Options, Printing, Cutting
Day 2: Embellishing and Placket Preparation

Today we’re going to tackle the neckline and finish the placket! I’ll be giving some additional tips for the henley but the finish with the hoodie is very similar.

We’re starting today with step 11. Before your binding is sewn into place this is what it will look like. You will have a raw edge along that curved bit that hasn’t been pinned into place yet.


Once you bring that raw edges up to meet the neckline you will end up with a nice finished edge. The tail end should be right along the 2nd fold line (shown here with the placket unfolded and both fold lines marked)IMG_7671 Now in step 8 (for the hoodie) or step 12 (for the henley) we’re going to create a nice finished corner. When you re-fold the placket the hood/neck binding will be inside the placket at this point. The arrow here is pointing to the very tip of my binding. This is also where the edge of your hood should be. Once it’s turned right side out you’ll have a perfect corner 🙂IMG_7672

And that’s it for today! Tomorrow is catch-up today or feel free to work ahead 🙂 On Friday we’ll finish up!

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