Savannah Sew Along Day 4

 Welcome to Day 4 of the Savannah Sew Along!

savannah sew along

If you’re just joining us make sure you check out the previous posts to learn how to participate and get caught up:
Day 1: Choosing Your Fabric, Choosing Your Options, Printing, Cutting
Day 2: Bodice and Cap Sleeves
Day 3: Lining & Skirt

Today we’re going to finish up!

Go ahead with steps 16-18. Now in Step 19 (sorry if on your copy it’s mis-labeled 17) we add the sash and I just discovered an amazing new trick!

This tip comes from Nancy Zieman by way of Coletterie. Hop on over and learn how to make a thread belt loop with Nancy. I promise it’s super quick 🙂

I added mine into the dress with a large eye needle and I love them! Super discreet and they keep the sash from wiggling around everywhere.


Now admire your handiwork…

Do a little happy dance…

And go upload a photo to the Facebook Album for your chance to win a Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Gift Card!
Winners will be announced tomorrow 🙂

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